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I was working on some stuff for Zazzle.com at work today and needed an image to represent a crazy Christmas card. I whipped something up really quick while other people in the office were playing Halo Big Smile ... Thus, in those 10 minutes, Ivar was born. I fell in love with him and added more to him when I got home. I think I may make a children's book about him...

Hope you fall in love with him like I did...

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Awwwww, he's adorable! *is in love!*

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He is the coolest (pun not intended) little snowman I have ever seen!

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I love it!^^ It feels very airy especially in this format, it gives me a dreamy feeling. The snowman and the scull balloons are really cool. Grin *favs*

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Oh thats adorable! I love it! ^__^


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Very cool,
Originally thought it was a penguin but then it turned into a snowman which is still super cute.
Great job on the snow,
I suck at making snow.

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Very cool. This will make a great Christmas card.


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