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Completed: Dec 28, 2006

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Kinda symbolic: A rose covered itself with a glass so that no one will damage it's petals and no one but utself will suffer from its thorns. Sad... Some people usually do something like that

I'm not so good at digital coloring. Need more practice...

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I really like it. you should do more like it.

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neat pic i esp like the coloring of the rose

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Wow, i love this piece of urs. Not just the drawing and the coloring, but what its meant to be, about people hurting themselves. So cool! By the way, i think the digital coloring u did on it is great.

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You have a very nice style, and a very unique way of thinking, as well as phrasing your thoughts. Smile Even if it's in a picture, rather than words. I'm better with words, myself, I think. Laughing

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The skin tones are excellent. I think you just need to apply your knowledge of shading in with the color-the rose stem is very flat, and the glass would add a definate shine and feeling of depth. I could see that in the pencil, so I know you can do it. ^ ~
The symbolism is sad- not because they might cause someone pain, but because they hide themselves away. ... ... ...

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Wow...this image is very symbolic. I love the rose in glass quote thing. It hits home and the art goes perfectly with the meaning of the quote. I also think you did a wonderful job with the coloring, specially the rose. Great work!


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