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4 days 'till Halloween

Posted by BogusRed

This is just a quick update.

Late last night I finished Mike's coat. It turned out pretty good! I'm excited and can't wait to finish the rest of his costume. I don't have photos yet but I will.

I purchased boots online for Mike that are almost identical to the $7 pair I found at Goodwill for my Link costume. I received them in the mail last week thankfully!

Major elements left to finish for the Ike costume:

  • Headband - 30 min. of work
  • Red skirt - 30 min.
  • Pants - 10 min.
  • wig - 1-2 hours
  • gloves - 2 hours
  • pauldron, breast plate - 4-6 hours
  • black leggings on boots - 2 hours


For my costume, I will be Link again. I hope I have time to make a new pair of pants. I found a better material that's stretchy. Should take a couple hours to make. Also my chainmail is broken. Much of it broke at my last con. It will probably take 5 hours of work at least to repair it.

I might be staying up late the next few nights to try and get everything done.

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