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The hardest year of my life

Posted by BogusRed

I've probably re-written the following blog entry countless times. I've struggled to find the right words without sounding too depressing or long winded.

So let's just keep it simple...

October 2009 to October 2010 was 12 months of hell. My Dad was diagnosed with Frontal Lobe Dementia and my life had been consumed with dealing with the emotional challenges of seeing my Dad's mind deteriorate, the stress of pursuing a conservatorship, his objections to the whole thing, moving him into assisted living, clearing out his house, and a financial battle with his siblings.

There wasn't much time for personal projects or blogging. But thankfully, my involvement now is minimal. He has a professional conservator taking care of his needs and financial affairs.

Now I can get back to wedding planning and get on with my life.

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I was wondering what happened. Sorry to hear about your dad, I do hope you do not forget to enjoy the bond you have with him and the person he is. Perhaps getting on with your life will indeed make life easier for you, I can imagine you have been through a very rough time. I look forward to seeing some awesome wedding pictures on your blog. Thanks for the effort you still managed to put into your projects and the best of luck.

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