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Wedding - Telescope centerpiece

Posted by BogusRed

The very first item you receive in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the Telescope.

I thought it was a pretty cute item and a fairly easy one to create. First I found a sturdy roll, similar to a paper towel roll, to use as a base. I then covered it with craft foam and added more craft foam to create the edge details (yellow areas). I painted it with liquitex acrylic paints and glued on a few rhinestones. I also covered the red areas with a red glitter glue just to give it some more interest.

Originally, I made the lenses a clear plastic that you could see through. But somehow it just didn’t look right without that little bit of blue from the original artwork. So I covered the plastic with another piece of craft foam and painted it bright blue.

telescope photo montage

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