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ZMT might be saved

Posted by BogusRed

On thursday night, I discovered that the data for all of my websites on my old hosting account was deleted. This put me in tears because it meant I lost all of the data in the database for

Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater

since it hadn't been moved over to my new hosting account yet at

But today, I was relieved to find out that my old host has a backup and will have it restored tomorrow. So hopefully ZMT will be up and running just as good as ever tomorrow.

It's my birthday and I'm 22 years young.

Posted by BogusRed

It's about 1:30 am on the morning of my birthday and I'm up late working on Vis Dev homework. I tried out that new Google Talk today and got a kick out of the voice chat. I was surprised at how good it sounds compared to Ventrillo and Yahoo voice chat. The quality is pretty good.

I finished up the Music Page today and realized that I hadn't really posted any new music since like the end of last year. So when I get the chance this weekend I'll record a new song and post it. I'm thinking of doing Ahead On Our Way from FFV and/or a Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger Prologue medley. I actually recorded a version of that called Turn the Page but then removed it from the music section because i felt it was too underdeveloped. The file is still stored on the site if you want to give it a listen in MP3 or MIDI format.

If you have a song in mind that you'd like me to record or learn, feel free to send me your requests in an email.

The First Of Many

Posted by BogusRed

This is my first blog entry here at my personal website

Since the Paper Demon community moved to another domain name, I figured I'd use for my own personal space on the web. Once I get everything up and running, you'll find my sketches and fanart as well as my music. In the meantime, you can view much of my artwork at Paper Demon.

Well, just yesterday my boyfriend bought me a new hard drive for my upcoming birthday on Sept. 8th. It's 200GBs woo hoo! My old drive was only 80 and it was getting pretty full. So full that it slowed down my computer's performance. Now I can use that extra 80GB hard drive for backups Big Smile .

 Just this passed weekend I moved over the Paper Demon site to its new domain name and server space at hosting. I've never tried this host before but I heard from a friend it was good and they gave me a free month trial! I've only had minor setup problems so far and I've found the tech support to be extremely fast, unlike my last host That's one of the major reasons I decided to switch. I have a whole list of reasons why I switched which you can read about in the Paper Demon News Post on the site move.

Hopefully I'll get the art and music sections up within the next few weeks.