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New Piano Music!

Posted by BogusRed

You'll be happy to know that I have purchased the new Reason Pianos refill. Thumbs Up This has allowed me to take my MIDI recordings and apply these samples and it makes the music sound like it was played on a real piano! Bounce

So I am proud to announce that TWO new piano songs have been added to the Music section and both were created in Reason using Reason Pianos.

I really love this Reason program. It saves me so much time in so many different areas. Like if I happened to play a sequence too softly, all I have to do is select all the notes from the sequence and tell it to add 15 points of velocity. I couldn't do that with crappy Cakewalk Music Creator. Annoyed If I needed to make a sequence of notes louder in Cakewalk, I had to change the velocity of each note in the sequencer separately, which, as you can imagine, takes a really long time and is very tedious.

I still use Cakewalk for recording my MIDI data though because Reason doesn't automatically stretch the song length if the recorded data exceeds the length of measures. Instead, it just cuts off your recording. I learned that the hard way Slant