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My Next Cosplay Endeavor - Ike

Posted by BogusRed

From Cosplay Ike, the Making Of
I've been meaning to get around to making my boyfriend, Mike, a nice Halloween costume. For the past couple years he's been wearing an old Link costume that I made for him like 4 years ago. In 2006 I started working on a Gandalf-like wizard costume that I never finished. Last year I was completely dedicated to my Twilight Princess Link costume. But this year I'm going to devote my time to a special costume just for him.
He wants to be Ike from Fire Emblem and I'm pumped about making it. It's going to be even better than the TP Link costume.
As for what I'll be wearing this year, I'll likely be TP Link again. I don't want to make a lame costume at the last minute. I did think about possibly doing Zarbon from Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater but he's such an obscure character that no one will know who he is. Ike is pretty obscure too though. But both Zarbon and Ike would be interesting visually even if people don't recognize the specific characters.
Anyway, I've started putting together a list of fabrics I'll need and making an inventory of all the costume pieces. I'll likely buy the bulk of the fabric this weekend and next weekend. I've done a bunch of measurements and know roughly how much of each fabric I will need.
I will blog the progress of this costume as I did with the TP Link costume.


Quarter of a Century

Posted by BogusRed


Today I'm a quarter of a century.


my top tracks from the last 12 months according to

  1. Chrono Cross - Dream of the Shore Bordering Another

  2. Final Fantasy IX - Crossing those Hills

  3. Chrono Cross - Home Village of Arni

  4. Lee Holdridge - I Will Remember You Still

  5. Kelly Sweet - Giorno Dpop Giorno

  6. Final Fantasy X - The SIght of Spira

  7. Final Fantasy IX - Freyja's Theme

  8. Final Fantasy X - Besaid Island

  9. Final Fantasy V - Ahead On Our Way

  10. Chrono Trigger - Secrets of the Forest

  11. Paul Schwartz - Bel Di

  12. Sasha Lazard - Princess Mononoke

  13. Kelly Sweet - I Will Be Waiting

  14. Final Fantasy VII - Tifa's Theme

  15. Kelly Sweet - Caresse Sur L'Ocean


cool apps/services I've been using:

  • Google Reader - omg i love reader and i'm new to it this year

  • iTunes


  • Google Apps - Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Sites

  • Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Corel Painter X

  • Google Picasa and Picasa Web Albums with face recognition

  • Firefox with these notable plugins: Gmarks, Firebug, Web Developer Toolbar

  • Tortoise SVN


Stuff I've learned this year:

Learned XML, XSL and started to use that on PD to separate data, PHP code, and presentation logic.

More experience with Linux

Using Tortoise SVN to version control my websites