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Dedicating to Web Dev for 6 months

Posted by BogusRed

So now that my cosplay endeavors are over for a while, I'm going to spend some time on heavy development on PaperDemon and other projects.

I have some other website projects that will need code from PD. So I'm working on making it easier to customize and reuse.  I estimate to have the majority of my planned work done in about 6 months. Once that's done, I'll get back to working on my multimedia projects.

I'm really excited about jQuery. I just got a lesson from a colleague at work and I'm totally reved up about it. I can't wait to start doing some awesome ajax and dhtml work with jQuery. I wish I had learned about this a long time ago. Currently, I'm using the Sarissa js library. But jQuery is so much better. it has such a better structure. The code is easier to understand and will result in you writing less lines of code. And the things it can do with the DOM are amazing. Why couldn't they have designed Javascript to function like jQuery from the start? It's so unfortunate that Javascript had to be such a poorly structured language. Traversing the dom is rediculous, not to mention all the weird browser compatability problems. Gah! But jQuery will solve ALL of those problems.

Happy Halloween! Ike complete

Posted by BogusRed

Mike's costume is done and looked great!

From Halloween 2008 Ike, Link

I had to work late on Wednesday night so I had less time to spend on Mike's costume. On Thursday evening Mike tried on his costume and we realized that we could do without the pauldron+chest piece so we'll save that for another time. Also we did not do the black boot covers. Since we decided to not do those pieces, I had a chance to do some changes to my costume. I made a new set of pants that are stretchy and more slim fitting and fixed my chainmail that broke at AX. Pants are still a little loose but I can bring in the seams more.

And we looked mighty fine!

From Halloween 2008 Ike, Link

 I think I'm going to retire my TP Link costume for a year or two. The next costume I make is going to be simple and comfortable.