V-Day Commission Special!

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Alright. I will be taking from now on, special Valentine's Day commissions. They will be completed no later than Valentine's Day itself (February 14th, central standard US). The type I am offering is as follows:
2 characters with NO BACKGROUND save a splash of color with rough/partially cleaned up lines from the chest upwards (arms optional). They will be either minimally colored or monotoned, you are welcome to specify. There will be no revisions. Characters, color option as noted before and GENERAL pose/attitude are the specifics you can ask for and/or address. Also a quick blurb about the two characters and their relationship is helpful. Can be sexy, sweet, sad, friendship, whatever you'd like.

These are entirely digital and there will be no hardcopies. If you are interested in prints, let me know and I will put them up at DA and you can get them via Deviantart.


PRICE: $20 for the first, if you get more, the rest will be half price ($10 a piece). Payment is required up front, paypal fees are included in the price.
Paypal address: rghrt (at) yahoo

I will do male/female, male/male, female/female and I'll try anthro if you want though be aware that is not my strong suit.

Any questions, please email (pariahsdream (at) hotmail) or note me. As with all my commissions, I have the right to refuse anything I don't feel comfortable with, do not want to draw. As a commissionee you have the right to ask that it not be shared anywhere else or be made into prints.

Comissions (PLEASE read)

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I understand that everyone is strapped severely for cash this days but the fact of the matter is, I need a visit to this retina specialist  to the tune of $311 for the consultation. I realize that this is probably not all going to come from you guys but I figure you can't know unless you try.

I'm at the point where I will take any amount of money and draw something for you. I don't care. My paypal is still rghrt [at] yahoo so if you have some spare change or know someone who does, think about sending them my way please?

X-posted everywhere I can think of so I apologize if you get spammed with it.


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