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Out on the road!

Posted by Inuyoujo

I left Minneapolis a week ago! 2 overnight bus rides later, I'm from Chicago to St. Louis. For the most part, I've done some partying and have had some welcome peace and quite in different contrast to the choas in Minneapolis. Naturally, I miss everyone but I don't miss what's going on there with the Super Bowl and the snow.

However, my host is so tone deaf my ears are hurting! After trying to pass me off as a hook up to another guest, he sees it as acceptable to have me clean up after his priligved cis white male guests. All grown able bodied men are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, unless they are paying for otherwise. I'm not getting paid, and I've already been wildly disrespected and dehumanized.

I met up with a friend, that was a past housemate where I currently live. It was lovely to hang out with another radical after already being here so many days! We talked about a lot, as I updated him on the situation at the house, and he told me about trails in St. Louis. We was small talk inbetween, until we talked about street medics and more about past events with past housemates.

When I was having food insecurities I asked around, and some local comrades pulled through to get me feed! Where I'm staying is next to a cafe with a prepaid coffee/ drink broad, so I'm living that up! Aside from the host, things are going very well, and I don't even have to see him, if I don't want to! But, I'm still trying to get out of here asap, because I'm not going to be the house wentch.

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Wow seems hard to find any decent human beings anymore. I'm sorry you had to put up with all of that.


Your satisfaction is important to me. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you or provide for you on PaperDemon. Admin -

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