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Posted by Jilly

Haven't posted a blog here in a long while and since BR set up a new tag cloud thingie (dunno know what it is yet XD ) I figured I'd give it a try!

Well after a long loooong hiatus I'm finally getting my comics "Whellis" and "Jaded"back up and running again. I'll try and update weekly though it'll be pretty sporatic for a while XD

Also I was in a comic tournament on DA and I think round 3 for me might be my final round (since my opponent's story rocked!) so I think I'll post that up too once I find out the results. I'm pretty proud of the story I built for it :] Hopefully you guys will like it too.

Anyway, I'm gonna try harder to be a little more active on PD since I love the site and it really needs so more attention as far as member activity goes. Maybe I'll try and set up a contest!

until next time peace out guys!

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