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My cat Needy has an unnatural obsession... opening doors. I mean EVERY door in the house. Including cabinets. I got up this morning and every single cabinet door in my kitchen was wide open and Needy was way, way back in the bottom corner cabinet snooping. Getting her out was a chore.

By the way, there are CHILD PROOF LOCKS on those cabinets. She's figured out how to depress the plastic catch. *shivers* too frigging smart she is.

I tried tying my closet doors closed by threading string through the door knockers... I found the string untied on the floor and my closet wide open.

If she had thumbs I'd be terrified.

She also has developed another obsession recently... my wacom tablet. She wants to lay on it, regardless if I am trying to USE it or not. If I set it down, I come back to a cat sprawled out on it and my computer beeping like bomb warnings and she's hit every button so I have files open everywhere, more "doodles" on whatever I had been working on and my computer about to face the Blue screen of death because it cannot handle all the processes she tried to open.

I've gotten in the habit now of turning it face down if I have to get up, because she will be ON IT when I get back.... she's on it now actually.

Damn Cat.

Here's a pic I did yesterday and can't post here... this would appropriately show Needy's deviousness. Cute my ass....clicky-clicky linky

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