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The Season Begins

Posted by angel3611

usually at the beginning of football season, everyone is excited about the first game which is against Katy, a school we used to beat all the time but now can't. everyone knows that if we beat katy at the beginning of the season, the rest of the season is going to be a breeze. out of the ten games we play, not counting playoffs, katy is the only one we lose to. we've won state championship once; katy has won it six times.

but today we played against them. i just got home from the game. we lost 31-6. it's sad, really. the players were rude, yelling at us trainers for no reason. the coaches were mean to the players, yelling at them and calling them unappropiate things. many people got injured. there was a fight between two of our players: D.T and Bennett. Head coach was pissed. Sexy legs was yelling like neve before. Red bull's face was red with anger. Fundraiser was just ignoring the players. we were yelling at each other, squeezing between sweating players, running into the field during time outs, sucking up to the refs, and trying to pump up the crowd.

one of our own got hurt. katy was in offense, doing a pass. the pass was too long, aiming for the sidelines. i was standing between a brick line of d-linement players and a coach. as soon as we realized the players in the game were about to rush intot he sideline, coach opened his arms wide and protected me with his body. a player picked up petite Pepper and almost threw her away from the wrecking train of players. there were three katy players and four of us, all trying to get to the soon-to-be out-of-bounds ball. Cathy was looking, but the players behind her weren't. she tried to move back but she was squeezed in between the players-which are huge-and the uncoming destruction. her ACL is torn.

two minutes later i look up from my best friend's knee and see Lady Doc pulling a screaming woman away from the Uncle Doc. i hear the fans screaming at Lady Doc. something about suing the school, firing the coaches, beating up the katy players and stuff.

i look to my right and see a player crying into a trainer's shoulders, Daddy Doc holding him and a second trainer examinating his leg: a broken malleoli. out of the season. senior. this was his last game and he lost it. no wonder his mother was yelling. but it was his fault. he knew he was injured and chose to not wear his ankle brace.

i guess im just writing this to convey what i'm feeling right now. a mixture between dissapointment and excitement. we lost the first game but the season has started. The Mighty Mustangs are roaming the mountains again, so watch out you Deers, Bulldogs, Bears, and other mascots.


(Earning The Right To Win)

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