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Make Mine Chocolate!

Posted by AshEvans

Make mine chocolate!

It is that time of year again, spring is coming and people are decorating eggs. Easter rabbits and colorful chicks are everywhere. It is easy for people to get caught up in the holiday fun and get a pet bunny on an impulse or cave in to their children’s demands for a rabbit this Easter. We here at the fantasy art of Ash Evans are here to ask you to Make Mine Chocolate instead!

Make Mine Chocolate is a campaign organized by the House Rabbit Society against the giving of live rabbits as Easter gifts. People equate rabbits with Easter so what would be a more appropriate gift to give on Easter morning than a rabbit? It may fit the theme, but it really does an enormous amount of harm. People are often unprepared for the ten-year commitment of caring for a rabbit and the initial interest in a pet rabbit can dry up quickly. So, shortly after Easter, rabbits start to make their way from being Easter gifts to being unwanted and abandoned. Humane Societies and shelters see a huge influx of rabbits after Easter and it's not like they don't already have too many to handle. People adopt dogs and cats at an amazing rate compared to rabbits and rabbits come in right behind dogs and cats as the most abandoned animals to find their way into shelters.

This cause means a lot to me because I have 3 house rabbits of my own. I must tell you if I didn’t work from home I would not have as many as I do. Most people do not realize the following:

Rabbits are NOT pets for young children, they can scare easily and are very fragile. They are often frightened and injured by children who tend to be too rough.

Rabbits need care as much as or more then a dog. If you can’t handle a dog then don’t get a rabbit.

They are not decorations! They are living loving feeling creatures. You can’t put them away in the attic after Easter like the rest so don’t treat them as such

The cost for vet care for rabbits can be very costly (anyone who read my journal can attest to that)

Cool alternatives to live bunnies:

Stuffed rabbits, still cuddly!
Marshmallow Bunnies!
Bunny books!
A donation to the house rabbit society!

If you must have a real bun, do the research, get the facts and adopt!

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