Playing "Dark Souls" and watching "Silence of the Lambs" again tonight.... Jesus am I moody -.o I really want to hurt someone... Just one of those moods... Drawing dark, watching/reading/playing dark...

Back to studying serial killers, murder, World War II, and other topics of similar cheer. I've been in an extremely irritable mood the past week. My angel studies have fallen to the side for a while. Stress at home, stress at school, stressful plotting with the V*Peeps and years of rage piling on more and more. I swear, some day I'm going to explode.

Added on to that, I've had a cold for 5 weeks. 

The good thing is mom is leaving for 10 days for her stupid Meditation Teacher Training. So. I can finally. Fucking. Relax. I left MMC because I was being bullied. I come home to be bullied again. But At least classes are going well, the Prius is fixed and I have a couple job interviews set up.

I just hope the anger dies down soon


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https://www.change.org/petitions/hasbro-studiosthe-hub-do-not-change-derpys-name Please sign this Petition to save Derpy. A small number of people who don't understand the word Derp, and who don't understand what she means to the fans are trying to get her taken out... For Being different... When that's why we all love her in the first place... Derpy is the best pony...

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