Starrrrrrrr, say words!

...aka me talking about literally anything.  Pretty much whatever I may talk about in my deviantART journals, I'll talk about here.  I may even post the same journal here if it's a rant or something else that I'd like everyone to see, if it applies to more than just dA.  I usually talk about art, rant about stuff, ask for feedback on my writing/art, etc.  But I try to avoid posting really short journals, or mutliple journals in one day.

I'm not dead!

Posted by iSpazzyKitty

I'm verrrry sorry for disappearing haha!  I will now make my second attempt to actually upload my art as often as I upload to dA.

For now, I may try to upload some more of my recent art from dA, but not ALL of it, as that would just be tedious.