Art and activity update

Just an blog about my online activity and art update

I will be more active on the internet in next week

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My house being restored from the fire since the last couple of weeks ago but my apartment is still a mess. I'm prepared to post something in the future but I need to move my stuff to my real home first then my clean apartment and check my stuff if anything okay. And I need to practice my art skills for my original ideas and catch up with cartoons (or video games) to make fan arts but I'm avoiding DeviantArt because of spoil alerts.
Keep in mind, I still busy in real life but I will be active in the next couples of weeks.

Bad news - slow internet

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I have some bad news. My house got burned down in couple weeks ago. So, I'm moved to the different house which I'm bring my tablet and laptops with me. In the different house which I found a marker, pencils, watercolor sets, and papers. I might make some artworks but the problem is I have slow Internet. The WiFi is really weak. So, I'm gonna be a little bit active in various different art sites. If the WiFi available than I will post some artworks on various different art sites then.

I'm gonna be more active

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I'm barely active online lately but now I'm gonna more active online.
I thinking I should make more artworks but I will not gonna do fan arts for now because I barely watch cartoons lately. Maybe I should watch cartoons later. As for now, I am not going to use DeviantArt because I'm avoiding spoiled alerts.
Speaking of artworks, I'm trying to learn to how to use Blender(3d software) and 2d software. I'm not sure what artworks should I make. Maybe, I should make OC artworks or I don't know.
By the way, I will make artworks in the future.

Good News!!

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The guy who been bullied me in couple years ago from deviantart is GONE!! NO MORE darkfall303!! See


To be honest, I don't hate DeviantArt anymore. I feel safe. I think I should make another DeviantArt account in the future. 

I'm back

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I can post artworks when I feel like it.

I no longer posting artworks for now.

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I no longer posting artworks here because of my new computer does not work and I'm busy in real life.

I'm back and finally post my artworks

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Now, I can draw on my computer. I finally post my artworks from my computer. But I'm still busy in real life because of personal reasons. I will post my artworks later. Stay tunes.

Updates about online activity

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I hasn't been online lately but I will give you updates about my activity online. Yes, I have a new laptop like I said from my last blog. Now, my new laptop is my replacement of my Ipad because I broke my IPad. I will get into art when I go to my room, clean my table and then install my drawing tablet to my laptop for my artworks but I need to worry about something important first.
I will be available soon until I finish something important.

I have a charger for my new laptop!

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Now, I have new charger for my new laptop. Now, I'm using my new laptop but it doesn't mean I am available for art. I'm still busy in real life and I don't have enough times to be online but I will be back to get into art and fandom stuff if I have times.

I have good news

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I have new computer that is almost fix but I need new charger because I bought the wrong charger from ebay. So, I bought another charger that for right model for my new laptop. Now, I need to wait until I receive my new charger.


Btw, I'm still busy in real life but I will get into art if I have time to be online.