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Help for You

Posted by CherryWitchery

Dear folks, please believe in yourself.

I won’t lie, this world is harsh as heck. We’ve been treated viciously, both by our circumstances and by one another. You fight to believe in a love and maintain hope in not only yourself, but the people you care for. The hard lessons make the difference, though, I promise you. You are worth the wait, and it’s hard to feel like it is all worth it, or that you can find the drive to continue on even one more minute of this very day.

Allow that anger and passion, allow the tears and the heartache, allow yourself to feel it all, to consume you, and then let it go. Forgive yourself for what you cannot change or do about these issues and problems for right now, and don’t pray to be strong. Your not weak for being emotional, you have every right to be. You need to shatter , to let yourself feel, so you can heal and begin to make a change. And even if you can’t change anything other then your outlook, that’s okay too. There’s enough toxicity in your frustrations and the situation without being toxic to yourself. You are not defined by your emotions or what you are, and don’t let anyone tell you that you are wrong for having either.

I encourage you to find what you can feel, what gives you some joy or peace, some semblance of energy, and let it set your soul on fire. Give yourself a reason to be alive, by allowing yourself to be free of your own negative expectations. Troubles make us hunger for a solution and the pressure is very stressful. Make yourself laugh at your worries, or your own fears. Take away the power of others’ who were so harsh by you, even if it’s just you who hurt you, by reminding yourself of that you have nothing to lose by loving yourself first, and everything to gain by taking care.

Yes, it’s devastating, it will not be easy, but kindly give yourself small steps, even one step to try every day, and when you can, when you feel ready, add on one more. Eventually you will find yourself having many more things you can do over time, or at least a consistent hobby or joy that can be done even for a few minutes once a day. It can be anything – from lighting a good smelling candle for a hour – to drawing a sketch for 10 minutes before bed. But, you can make goals after you just get yourself the drive to do.

So go ahead. Struggle or thrive, it’s all in your hands how you handle yourself.

Stay safe, and take care.

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