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The Chronicles of the Dragon Slayer:

Akio Mansai is blamed for a horrid crime that he isnt sure he committed. When he inherits the power to save his world, will he choose to meet his destiny, or hide from his past? Join Akio Mansai and his many new friends on the Action/Fantasy/everythingelse adventure that you CANT miss! (13 and up for violence, blood&gore, and language)
--Story Production resumed. DS has been converted to art in ink.--

A Dark Secret

Prologue: Our story begins when Akio Horokumi, (age 16 in prologue), a young half-breed saves the life of Aero Mii, an innocent farm-boy from Noreana. Aero rewards Akio with food, rest, and a trip to the Noreana castle to meet Lord Cyrus himself.

Meanwhile, a man seems to be looking for a notorious demon named Akio Mansai, who, 3 years prior to these events, rampaged through the villages of Chesire, Noreana, and Madoka, destroying many lives. This man, named Rane Urosaki, seems to be on the demon's trail, but you never know where he might end up next.


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