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Phoenix Wright gets more than her barganed for when he employs a mysterious new lawyer into his company with no last name, and a dubious background that no one can figure out. Will things work out for the best for Wright and Co?

Or has Zed, the new lawyer got darker intensions installed for them?

This is intended as a teaser for the story PW fanfic- Turnabout Attorney - please read the story if you're interested in more Big Smile

This Teaser is also available to purchase as a limited edition print of 50 copies as of 25/07/2009 for $10 NZD ($5USD?). If you're interested in purchasing a copy, please note me your interest, or just comment Smile

The Skunk by the name of Zed

My first out of about 5 teaser pages for the Phoenix Wright fic I'm writing. I thought that since not alot of the people that watch me here actually know WHAT Phoenix Wright is, that I'd give kind of an intro to the story.

As alot of you know, it's a lawyer game, but its very high on drama and scandal, and is made of so much awesome that it REALLY is difficult to explain. To say the least, the fandom isn't big enough for this game. I'd be the first to admit it if it was, but it ISN'T

Anyways- this page. Some of you may recognise this scene from Phoenix Wright 3 (Yes- that quaint little 'French' restaurant with the pink EVERYWHERE, and on the cook >.> ), cause Edgeworth would TOTALLY fit in there XD He'd bring his own tea of corse Wink Yeah- Edgeworth can be a bit cold- if you know his past, you can see why. He does smile... sometimes XD

Note- Wright and Co do NOT have a Z as their symbol... I don't know if that is obvious enough from this page... That's the impostor's symbol ^^;


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