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A collection of short comics about by story Nest of Hearts. The main story is still early in the works, but I make these smaller ones as practice. These will consist of little light-hearted conversations and occurances involving my characters.

Stand Alones

From character asks that I had open on a different site, each is it's own entry and is unconnected to the other pages. These tell a variety about my characters based on what people want to know, from who likes magoes to what are some of their greatest feats.

The Catch

A two page short following Lorrai and Hyūra as they go about their afternoon.

Going Up

Fate and Bogū wander through the woods and find a lovely pond, though they might have misplaced something.

Asks 2019

Character asks that do not break the fourth wall, I'm using these both as a way to practice comic making and get people to know my characters better.


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