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I've had Matrirach up in the Red Curtain, but much of the story is not going to contain graphic content so I will sort of relaunch here. When content is 18+, I will place the material in Red Curtain and let the reader decide how much they would like to see (love scenes will be mature) but, by all means, the story can be read without.


Matriarch follows the life of a woman, Haldeina Muidemi ni Daarude, a noninheriting royal of the northern country of Llams.  As a teenager with the male moniker "Eidon" Muidemi is swept away in the political strife of the Belizios Empire, the major land amassing nation to the south.  Estranged from her cousin, protected by her uncle, her agenda evolves as her eyes are opened to the larger world she intends to become a part of while she pulls her country from a long standing isolationist period.


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fantasy furry medieval drama female protagonist lgbtq+ political intrigue

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