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A stupid webcomic about a cynical fox, an upbeat cat and a Ditzy chinchilla, all named after currency for some reason...

Its not easy hating the world... where you seem to have two "friends" who constantly harass you with happiness, cant they just leave you alone?

The only thing you feel you have foreward to is your birthday- as its one year closer to your dream of dying.

Join Nickel the Fox on his wonderous journey of sarcasm and uncanny ability to be the most cynical asshole ever. All while dealing with the two most annoying smiling faces hes forced to deal with.

If you're looking for an actual linear plot type of story- this isnt it.. theres no big bad to defeat- no main quest- this is just a slice of life sort of deal- No end goal.

Updates on wednesdays! Also check out the facebook page (@shortchangedcomic) for when this site wont load- and other things!



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