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Enter The Fly


This is one of the first comics from the story Love and Hate.
It's a short 3 page comic about a couple and a little pesky fly.
The 2 main characters are Yetomé (The firey female with red hair)
and  ][Dc (PC)  (The Namek).

This is a spinoff from Dragonball Z, an alternative universe if you will.
If you would like to learn more about the characters and like to see more comics, please visit:

Hope you like it!

Artists and Storywriters:
Pooky Wooky and Yetomé


PookyWooky PookyWooky Primary Artist


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Dragon Ball Z Humor Romance


dragonball z comic piccolo namek love and hate pookywooky yetome fancomic fan comic enter the fly

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