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This is your first sprite comic? I can relate. Slant Not as easy as it looks.

But this is nice for a first try. Smile I think your main problem is your spelling. It's...well, if you need an editor, I'm available. Laughing

Also, your text and your text bubble alignment seem kind of off, but that'll get better with practice. If you haven't, you should really check out Keenarnor's tutorial. It helped me wonders. Smile

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This is real good, but it will only get real good once I enter the scene.

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heey wait a minute Its funny But I can do more than shooting arrows. What happends to my fire arrows? XD

Its time for my strongest attack! FINALE!!!!!
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Hiya Keen. I moved your two Final Fantasy comics from Misc Anime and Manga to Final Fantasy.


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Hey this is just a test comment, just to make sure it's working, reply if it does. Nice comic too Big Smile

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