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Bua ha ha. This comic stuff is so confusing. I think I have the hang of it though. Still have the story behind this old sprite comic:

Today was rather boring. I went shopping with Mickey and Charlotte. I really hate to eat fast food so when we were forced to eat lunch in the food court I wasn't exactly happy. The only place there that isn't technically fast food is the Mexican place but...that stand didn't really look all that clean. Despite that fact Mickey and Charlotte had food from the Mexican place. I settled for a crap salad from the Sub place and we ate our lunches. It was about 15 minutes after we ate did Mickey and Charlotte regret eating that Mexican food. However their plight inspired a new sprite comic. They'll love me for this...

(And no, this is not a slam against Mexicans or their food. It's a slam against people silly enough to eat Mexican food from a dirty stand :p)


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XD damn thats so hilarious.....he sure blew a big one

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