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Draw dragons to improve your composition skills. #Smaugust composition challenge. August 1 - 31

Comic page 34

Artist Comments

Artist's Comments

There... is... so... much... dialouge...

I swear I nearly killed myself. This page drives me crazy. I was happy with the back grounds and the lineart and stuff. But I was so pissed with the dialogue because it looks so cluttered. But I wanted it all on here! So here it is! Dx

Anyway, We'll say that Quent has a blackberry or something like it...? They're both on speakerphone, too. If you were wondering.

Both those pictures are mine, one is actually of L.A., and the other is supposed to be somewhere in Terry's house back in L.A... I haven't decided where in L.A. they live. But it's NICE.


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