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Artist Comments

Artist's Comments

Yay! Another PseudoDagon page!! ^^

Sigh- despite being sick as heck all this week with a sore throat and now a horrible head cold, I managed a page, and I've pencilled the next. I've deviated from my original plan, which was to have a Alex versus Fraus show down and a Bryan and Aphra scene, but it was all too slow. So instead, we has the brooding Alex (who's expression is TOTALLY hilarious XD) Ranting to himself of Fraus's intentions ^^ Giggle

Um- for those interested- yes, Fraus is a bit shorter than Alex... there's very good reason for this Wink Alex is 5'10", so Fraus is probably about 5'8" or so. So far, he's my shortest male character >.> Still taller than me though T.T *le sigh*

Oh- Do comment!! I love comments to pieces!! :3


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