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A chance to illustrate an original Sci-Fi or Fantasy story. Bring to visual life a world that's never been done before in our Big Bang Challenge. Earn 60XP for every submission.

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Artist's Comments

Number 21 is here ^^ I wanted to fast track out of the mass Bryan scenes and back onto Alex again (Damn it- Bryan always seems to story hog when he comes on to the scene T.T ), so yeah. We all know Bryan's little hiding spot.

Anyways- a bit of a realisation moment for Bryan. Whether or not he has the full story or not though is another question. I do feel sorry for Bryan though- nothing he has comes easy Sad Its just lucky enough that we'd consider his hair/eye combo to be funky rather than unusual- blond hair isn't common in his world Wink

Oh and lol- Darren is being silly again. EXTERMINATOR!! (It's my luls version of the Burninator XD The one and only Trogdor XD Luls...)


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awww Cry I want a Bryan plushie so bad right about now.....

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