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AGAIN! You thought it dieded! BUT IT DIDN'T!! I was kinda busy with moving house and doing Final Sunset to do more PseudoDragon >.> XD

Anyways, another fun page ^^ And I LOVE these two skating XD I have to have them skating more often ^^ These two are adrenaline buffs. I hardly slap the skates on enough XD OMGS!! DARREN IS SO COOL DOING THAT OLLIE XD Giggle Oh, and Bryan is *so* cold in this XD I guess overhearing being called a fruit loop gets you a little annoyed ^^

Ignore me- I'm a big inline skates/ice skates fan XD Drawing these two skating is on level with breaking in new copic markers XD


Guy with black and purple hair = Whellis- owned by Jilly (From the comic Whellis found here comic cover)
Girl with blue hair = Reika- owned by ~PolishTamales (From the comic Polish Tamales found on his DA gallery)

Check out these 2 cool web comics ^^


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Hmm! Schoolboy who spontaneously combusts, weird delusional student, I have my curiosity piqued... > Wink

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This is a very cool page Yes I really like the second panel there's lots of dynamics in it. lol Whellis is all "WTF!" it's sad that rollerblades disappeared when the 90's did though. I miss the 90's. Simpler times then.

Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

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you very sneaky...innocent bystander cameos. hehe. Bryan should be happy that he didn't get called a fruit bat instead of fruit loop. loops are much tastier. XP

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