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A chance to illustrate an original Sci-Fi or Fantasy story. Bring to visual life a world that's never been done before in our Big Bang Challenge. Earn 60XP for every submission.

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Artist's Comments

Wow- this comic had a nice long Hiatus >.>

Umm... Trying to catch u on some stuffand was reading back on my old pages and wanted to do another except the storyline went dry the origanal way I did it. So insteed, I wasn't going to introduce him till later- THE school bully, Edward. The school bully, being that he is totally psycho, but the only reason he's still in school is cause Chris is counselling him, and cause his grades are really good.

I love Alex's reaction to him talking about wanting to burn Bryan. He's totally going "FREAK!!" The reason for the extreme expression is cause he actually DID burn him.

By the way- Edward has unatral looking blond hair- I normally give blond hair a brownish colour. There is a reason!! ^^

OH- I nearly forgot the cool part- out the window is the ACTUAL school!! Ashlynn Grammar is based off my old College- Avondale College. Went there and took some photos- hopefully it'll have some more accurate scenery in the future Wink


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Uh-oh somethin's about to go down I know it XD lol I love how Bryan came out in the last panel and Chris' expression in the second panel too Yes

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