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Artist Comments

Artist's Comments

 Yay!!! This is my very first attempt at a doujinshi! 

It is based on an AU Sess\Kag story that I wrote called "Love's Inexorable Turbulence." 

This is essentially the first part of the story, the prologue. Since this was my least popular story, I thought I'd bring more attention to it by doing this doujinshi.

Yes, I know there are many, many mistakes. And the drawings and shading are quite messy. But I sacrificed neatness for speed. Even still, it took considerably longer than I expected.

At any rate, I may continue on to the next chapter, and beyond. But, I will only do so, based on the response I get from this one. It takes a lot of time and work to do these, and I will give up on it if I don't think people are interested.



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