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Good awesome and scene

Lionnia Galactica

- Smirking is so attractive especialy on Vegeta, but screamming out can turn you on with Broly.

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You say you'd be willing to hand this off? I could be willing to take this on, but I'd need whatever you have of the storyline. I don't have much on my plate along the ways of work, so I can do this. Just give me limitations and guidelines; I'm very used to R rated comics, so you'll have to tell me what not to do in this.

Monsters under the bed.

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Aw man it leaves you hanging right when the battle is about to begin. It was good though. I'd take it over for ya but I'm super busy trying to put together my comic so I can post it yay! Bounce

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aw just when it was getting to a climax it ends Sad


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