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Artist's Comments

    Second installment of The Journey, where the young woman and her companion stop at an abandoned shed to rest. The shed is full of cooking utensils, like pots, and broken glass containers of strange dried plants. Stranger yet is the garden, full of strange assortment of plants, like hemslock and henbane, exotic plants covered in thorns, flowers blooming out of season. Most of them look poisonous, with no edible value, and the garden was ridden with centipedes and newts. Strangest yet was the largest flower, loosely closed and vivdly blue. At the touch of her hand, it bloomed, and inside was an impossibly small lamb.
    I tried finding what this creature was called, but the only thing that would pop up when I looked for it was the stupid vegetable lamb of Tartuary, or whatever it was, which this creature distinctively is not. Anyways, I won't say too much about what's exactly happening in these pieces, since part of the fun is thinking it up for oneself~


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