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It's a brand new year and we're ready to get started with an exciting event for PaperDemon members. We're inviting all artists and writers of PaperDemon to help us design a coloring book.

The PaperDemon coloring book event is a great way for us to have fun and help contribute to a good cause. You see, not only is making a coloring book a fun way to have your artwork published, but PaperDemon will sponsor the purchase of several copies of these books to be given to children in hospitals. We're partnering with the Pages for Children charity organization to get our new coloring book in the hands of kids when they need it most.

Completed Book

Buy the book from Blurb for $4.95


Participate and get your artwork or writing featured in the book!

child in hospital coloring in a coloring book

If you're an artist, draw a simple black and white line drawing to be included in our coloring book. If you're a writer, you can help by contributing a few sentences or paragraphs that can accompany the black and white drawings in the book. Visit How to participate for more details.

Why we chose Pages for Children

Staying in a hospital is no fun. But everyday thousands of children are in the hospital for surgeries, broken bones, or sometimes terminal illnesses. Needless to say, their childhood consists of some rather adult problems. We're asking the community to help us to bring some creative fun to these children by creating a coloring book to help occupy their time. Bringing the simple joy of coloring to sick children is our way of making a difference.

Pages for Children is a non-profit organization that brings coloring books and crayons to children. So we thought they'd be the perfect ones to deliver our unique and creative works of art to children in need.