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Yesterday, tumblr announced a change to their policy, titled A better, more positive tumblr. Adult content, including sexual and explicit artwork, will no longer be allowed on their platform starting on December 17. The announcement has left many artists who create adult content feeling angry, sad, confused and frustrated. Including me.

The loss of power in bringing niches together

While I wasn't super active there, I really did like the platform. The fact that people from all across the world can share their art and re-share it with others has helped bring together people who had very niche interests. I still remember my excitement and delight in stumbling across the galaxy cop tag on tumblr after watching the Lego Movie. And I recently was really happy to learn some of my erotic artwork had gotten reblogged a lot, more than any of my other work on any other platform.

There aren't many platforms like this left that are large enough to allow people with niche interests to come together. Sure, you can put up your own blog somewhere but you can't take advantage of searching for content by tag and the power of tumblr's reblogging allows people to spread your content further.

The burden of moving

I feel sympathetic to those who've posted a lot of content on tumblr. If you're one of them, you now have to deal with the burden of exporting all of your content and moving it elsewhere. Not to mention you have to do it with only three weeks notice during one of the busiest and most stressful seasons of the year.


Perhaps what makes me the most sad is what this policy change represents. The title of their news announcing the policy change is “A better, more positive tumblr” as if to say the sexual content is negative. It feels like a rejection. It feels like someone is saying “your art is not worthy” or “sexuality is wrong.”

Sex is a part of life. It's part of who we are. Literally, none of us would be here without it (unless you were conceived through something like invetro). Sex is a physical expression of desire and/or love for another person. Why is that so wrong? Why is it taboo? I just don't get it. This is such a step in the wrong direction for us all.

What now?

I've noticed quite a few artists saying that they're going to move to twitter because twitter doesn't have restrictions for adult content. But like with any platform, they can change the rules at any time and you're left trying to pick up the pieces.

There's a part of me that says “hey you should be excited about this. Here's an opportunity for my community to meet the needs of others.” But I'm still overpowered by the sting of rejection.

We're here for you

Whenever you recover from this setback, please know that PaperDemon and the Red Curtain, our section dedicated to erotic art and fiction, is here for you. All of you from the tumblrpocalypse who are looking for a new home are welcome to join us. We're a small community and perhaps some day we can have the same kind of impact tumblr has in bringing people together.

But at the very least I can offer these words to you...

Your art is worthy.

Sex is beautiful.

Your art has value.

Your art is beautiful.

We will not reject you here. You and your art have a home here. Welcome to our corner of the internet.

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'Tis the season of giving. What better way for us to give than giving the gift of our own personal creations. This is a wonderful opportunity us to get to know one another and our original or favorite characters as well as challenge ourselves by creating something new.

What is it?

When you sign up, you put in a request of what you would like for your art. Then you, along with everyone else participating, will draw the request for the person their assigned. Between Christmas eve and New Year's, we each post our gifts 🎁 on PaperDemon!

Participation requirements

  • Please only sign up if you have the time to create a work of art for someone else.

  • Keep your request simple. Try to stick to one character, maybe two characters max.

How to participate

  1. Fill out the registration form by December 1st midnight PST and describe your art request.

    • Describe what character/thing you want drawn

    • Include links to reference images

  2. On December 2nd, I'll scramble the names and randomly chose someone on the list to draw your request and I'll send you a message letting you know who you've been assigned. Please don't tell who you are Secret Santa for. That would ruin the surprise!

  3. Create a work of art of what the other person requested

    • It's a huge bummer for the person on the receiving end to not get their gift so please don't bail. It doesn't have to be perfect or complex either. Do something realistic with the time you have.

    • If you think you might be late, please email me ( ) so I can let the person know.

  4. Post the art on PaperDemon between Dec 24th and January 1st with the tag secretsanta2018. Send a message to the person the gift is for with a link to their gift!


Register here


If you have questions, just post a reply here or in the discord.

It's been more than 10 years since we've done this but I plan for this to be a recurring yearly thing. I look forward to seeing the lovely creations you all make!

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And What to Do About It

Stress is something everyone in the history of existence has to deal with from time to time. And considering stress can impact the quantity and quality of our work, and stress-related injuries can render us unable to make art for a time, we artists are no exception.

Moreover, though, stress is one of those ubiquitous things about the human experience that ties us all together. Some people are more affected by it than others, to be sure, and what causes stress varies widely from person to person, but everyone experiences it at varying points in their lives to some degree or another.

Recently, I've touched on anxiety, and how it can interfere with being a productive member of a community. These anxieties are a source of much stress for those who experience them, but we have yet to really examine what stress actually is, which is an important thing to understand, especially if one would like to cut back on the amount of stress in one's life, which I think most of us definitely would.

Further, removing the source of one's stress (such as the social anxieties discussed in my last article), while helpful, does not always remove the stress itself, especially not immediately. To understand why this is, and how to cut back on stress in our lives, we need to understand what it actually is. So let's talk about that.

Stress: it's Not Always a Bad Thing...

So...what is stress, exactly? Well, speaking from a medical perspective, stress is one's mind and body reacting to a perceived harmful situation, whether that perception is accurate or not. Stress actually evolved as a beneficial response to such situations that helps one survive.

When stressed, one's body releases cortisol, the primary “stress hormone,” causing one’s heart rate and blood pressure to increase, breathing to grow faster, and one’s mind to become more alert and aware of one's surroundings, as well as muscles tightening some, getting the body ready to react quickly.

All of these things happen because one's body is preparing to deal with a perceived dangerous situation, historically by running away quickly or to allow one to defend oneself better, though it can be helpful in other ways as well; for instance, the increased alertness could aid one in seeing to all the duties of a new position after a promotion. When stress happens in small to moderate amounts and is helpful like this, it's referred to as “eustress.”

When our ancestors felt stress because they encountered signs of a dangerous predator nearby, it helped them run faster and/or fight harder to survive. And even in modern day, feeling some stress over things like crossing the street is good, because it makes you be sure to be careful, look both ways, etc, instead of just walking across fearlessly staring at your phone...which can get you killed.

And even in situations that are hardly life-threatening, eustress can be helpful too. An important deadline may cause stress, but that stress can motivate one to work that much harder to finish in time. So in short, stress does actually have a purpose, and can be helpful, even necessary at times, in small doses.

...But it Certainly can Be

Of course, the problem arises when one has far too much stress to function, and/or when stress is caused by the wrong things; things that don't actually benefit from it. If one feels crippling stress just thinking about a deadline, to the point of feeling paralyzed, it can make one less likely to finish on time, or at all. While a small amount of stress might motivate one to finish in that case, too much actually does the opposite.

"When you constantly release this stress hormone, you deplete your adrenals and create havoc in your body" - Kimberly Palm, Conquering Stress: The real fountain of youth.

Further, everyone reacts to stress differently and for some, even a small amount of stress can be negative and difficult to manage.

And if one were to feel stress from something typically innocuous like say, touching a doorknob, that would be counterproductive and make it difficult to function. Not only that, but feeling more stress than one needs is just plain uncomfortable, potentially causing emotional unease—Including worsening or even causing depression, anxiety, and mental illness—headaches, tensed muscles, high blood pressure, stomach upset, and chest pain, among other possible symptoms. When too much stress happens at once and is harmful like this, we call it “distress,” the opposite of helpful eustress.

Stress and your Health

"Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century" - Kimberly Palm, Conquering Stress: The real fountain of youth.

As one might imagine given all the short term discomfort distress can cause as mentioned above, when distress continues to happen frequently over long periods of time, it can actually become a health risk. Headaches can become severe and chronic, elevated blood pressure can go from a temporary occurrence at the time of stress, to being dangerously high all the time, stomach problems can likewise become constant and worsen, anxiety can become near-unmanageable, and one can even develop heart problems from chronic, long-term distress.

Our own BogusRed, creator of PaperDemon, knows this struggle quite well. For her, chronic stress caused widespread, long-term muscle tension which led to injuries in her wrists, neck, and arms, halting her ability to make art or work for some time while she recovered. There is a reason stress causes muscle tension; as said before, it gets the body ready to react quickly when it needs to, but being tensed all the time is a problem, because our bodies just aren’t built to carry that much tension constantly.

Often, people who face long-term distress in their lives will turn to things such as alcohol, tobacco, unhealthy amounts of sugar or caffeine, or other substances to cope. Generally speaking, this will make things worse rather than better. While they can provide some temporary relief, relying on such substances to manage distress typically creates a reliance on them without actually alleviating the source of the harmful stress.

And further, overdoing it on any substance will create its own health problems that simply exacerbate and add to those already caused by the stress itself. If you're already using such substances in excess, see if you can cut back a little at a time as you find better ways of coping.

Hope Is Far from Lost

So if heavy substance use just makes things worse overall, how does one make them better? Well, the bad news is that there is no simple easy fix, and what exactly will help alleviate it will vary from one person to another depending on one's personality and unique situation. But the good news is that if you're dealing with chronic and painful long-term distress, hope is far from lost.

The first part of overcoming a problem like this is understanding it, and you, reading this right now, are already doing pretty well on that front if you've read this far in the article. So now that we have a bit of a better understanding of what stress is, how it can be helpful, how it can be harmful, and what not to do to cope with it, let's talk about what will actually help.

First off, you have to know your own stress symptoms and recognize them when they occur. This is important, especially because it's different for everyone. I've already covered a lot of possible and common symptoms of stress, but which one's you might experience varies widely from one person to another. So pay attention to your body, when you feel stressed, locate the feeling. Pause and describe your symptoms to yourself. This kind of mindfulness can ease stress some on its own, and it allows you to be informed as to your own symptoms so that you can better manage and control them.

Secondly, if you're suffering from chronic distress, make an appointment with your doctor. For one thing, a lot of common symptoms of stress can also be indicative of other problems, so if nothing else it's good to see a doctor soon and rule out any more serious conditions that could be causing your symptoms. If your doctor determines your health is being negatively impacted by stress, they can recommend or prescribe medications, as well as therapy and counseling that can help you manage your stress and keep it within healthy levels of eustress.

And finally, turn to your peers for support. There's plenty of people here on Paperdemon who struggle with an overabundance of stress in their lives (if there wasn't, I probably wouldn't be writing this article for the site). Talking to others with similar experiences can give you a change to vent, empathize with others, and get useful insights and ideas for how to handle your own stress. After all, Paperdemon is all about helping each other be more awesome, so don't hesitate to tap that resource; the community will be more than happy to offer support.

Just a Few More tips…

Here’s a convenient bulleted list, with the advice above summarized nicely and a few more tips and tricks sprinkled in:

  • Be aware of common stress symptoms, and learn how your own body reacts to stress.

  • Avoid heavy substance use, it will make things worse, not better.

  • See a doctor, and look into psychological counseling.

  • Try meditating. If you have no experience, just google “mindfulness meditation.”

  • Remember Self-care. Make it a point to do things that make you happy and relax you.

  • Exercise, it’s an amazing stress-reducer as well as just good for your health.

  • Avoid the news if you can afford to. It’s been pretty stressful lately.

  • Avoid too much violent media if that causes you stress.

  • In general, learn what causes you stress and avoid those activities if you can afford to.

  • Seek out peer support; you can start right here at Paperdemon!

And with that, it’s time for me to turn in this draft and follow my own advice...which means de-stressing and taking some time to myself now! Stay awesome, everyone!

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In my newest video, I share three motivational tips to help you get started with your artwork. Also, it's ADHD awareness month and I'll be sharing more ADHD tips throughout October.

  • 20 second rule
  • Body double technique
  • 5 minute rule

Watch the videovideo thumbnail of BogusRed holding Motivation card

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With October right around the corner, I figured now is a great time to get you all excited about Inktober!

What is Inktober?

Inktober is a movement started by Jake Parker to practice ink drawings for the month of October. Each day of October you draw a new drawing with ink based on the drawing prompts provided.

Since it's tied to a specific time of year, the #inktober hashtag associated with it will trend on social media.

Why should you participate?

Participating in trending art hashtags has many benefits.

  • You'll gain more exposure and followers, especially on sites like Twitter and Instagram because people will frequently check the hashtag to see what new art is created. I've heard from multiple artists with many followers that this is one of the techniques they use to build an audience.

  • Challenging yourself to create within preset guidelines helps you stretch your creative muscles

  • You'll surprise yourself with how much fun you have and how well you did

  • You'll be a part of the movement and a community

  • If you share your Inktober art on PaperDemon, you'll get 30 XP for each drawing (limit 1 per day)*

* I'm still working on getting the system setup to grant you XP. but I'll be granting you the XP retroactively within the next couple of months.

Do you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

I've never participated in Inktober before. And a lot of that is due to the poor mindset I've had. One limiting belief I've had that's prevented me from participating in events like this:

“No way I could possibly do a new drawing every day of October!”

But this time I won't let that stop me. Even creating a few drawings is better than creating none at all.

Here's a few more excuses I came up with:

“I'm not that into working with ink.”

“I don't have fancy pens that I enjoy inking with. And I wouldn't know which pens to buy.”

“Most of my micron pens are dried out.”

Finginma asked this great question in our last community meetup:

“Can we work digitally for Inktober?”

The official stance from @Inktober is in order to get the full experience out of Inktober, it's best done with traditional ink media. But if working in real media will turn you off from participating, why the hell not just do it digitally so at least you're participating. It's not like the Inktober police are going to come and charge you with art crimes against humanity.

PaperDemon Inktober prompts

Per the suggestion of CherryWitchery, I created a list of prompts just for our community. Feel free to use these or use the official Inktober prompts. If you use ours, please tag your posts on social media with #paperdemon-inktober so we can see them all!

  1. friendship

  2. confidence

  3. dragon

  4. love

  5. infinite

  6. wings

  7. happiness

  8. morning

  9. reward

  10. victory

  11. progress

  12. dessert

  13. stream

  14. game

  15. helpful

  16. erotic

  17. support

  18. resourceful

  19. vent

  20. misunderstood

  21. energy

  22. magical

  23. organization

  24. motivation

  25. impact

  26. red curtain

  27. ivy

  28. paper

  29. lemon

  30. experience

  31. demon

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful ink work from our community!

I don't see figure drawing studies shared from members of the Paper Demon community too often. I suspect figure drawing is one of those things artists only study if they are forced to as part of a larger art program. Perhaps people think it's boring? Or they tried it and didn't like it?

But I'm here to tell you that studying figure drawing is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want to improve your drawing skills. You can study it on your own. And it's even quite fun.

What is figure drawing?

Figure drawing, or life drawing, is the study of the human figure. It usually involves creating drawings from a live nude model reference, but can also be done from photographs. The goal being to capture the emotion and rhythm of the subject as well as indicate the anatomy and structure of the human form.

Why studying figure drawing is so essential

You'll learn fundamentals

Many beginning artists start out producing drawings that look kind of stiff or rigid. Through studying figure drawing, and artists drawings will begin to have more expression and aesthetically pleasing rhythms in the line art and will begin to look alive.

Through studying figure drawing, you'll learn to make your drawings look more three-dimensional, as if they have volume and weight. And you'll learn the foundation, structure, and anatomy of the human figure which will make your drawings more accurate and believable.

“If you’re designing without a foundation, you’re designing a lie from a lie; Something from an abstract idea. And the further you get from the truth, the more it gets distorted. Like the telephone game.”
a panel member from a panel of Disney animators at WonderCon


You'll be able to draw almost anything

“My work for Disney is more environment-based. But it still involves construction, rhythm, shape design, and how shapes are related to one another. It’s the same, whether you’re designing an environment or piece of a body.”
Dan Cooper, Disney environment illustrator, Source

The fundamentals described above apply not just to figure drawing but to any type of drawing. Once you learn them you can reuse them in many situations. And you'll be able to learn to draw new things really quickly.

It's how the professionals learned to draw

Disney animators have relied on figure drawing and life drawing for decades as an essential component to producing great animation. It's also standard curriculum for anyone who studying animation or illustration at the university level.

You'll be able to draw from your head

After you've had some time studying figure drawing you'll begin to notice you'll have an easier time drawing human figures from your head. Over time you'll begin to remember how to draw the human figure at various angles and can draw upon that whenever you need it.

My figure drawing journey

The first time I tried figure drawing I didn't really care for it. Though looking back now I think the reason for this is I didn't have a great teacher. Most of the time we just spent watching him draw and he didn't really explain the techniques. And my drawings didn't really improve as a result.

Finally I had a good figure drawing class once I began studying animation and illustration at San Jose State University. After just a couple months, my drawings began to loosen up and have more life and expression. And I actually enjoyed it. It was clear to me the positive impact it was having on my drawing, so I repeated each of my figure drawing courses multiple times. Most of the courses I took were with her on, a student of Glenn Vilppu.

Eventually, I got to the point where I could draw people in many different poses without even looking at a model. As many of us feel there's always room for improvement, but I try my best to revisit my figure drawing studies in between drawing my usual stuff because I know how powerful it is at taking my drawing further.

What's holding you back?

What sorts of stories are you telling yourself about why you haven't tried studying figure drawing? Perhaps you're saying to yourself...

  • figure drawing is too hard

  • it's awkward looking at poses of nude figures or looking at a live nude model.

  • I tried figure drawing before and I was dissatisfied with my drawings.

  • I'm not ready to study something like that

How might you rewrite the stories in a way that serves you better as an artist?

  • I've done hard things before. I can do them again.

  • It may be awkward at first but I'll get used to it.

  • With persistence and the right instruction, I'll be making awesome drawings and see results within a few weeks

  • There is never a better time than now

How to get started

Look for a figure drawing course at your local community center, school, or art store. Or take an online course like the one from Stan Prokopenko or Glenn Vilppu. Or you can watch Proko's free figure drawing course on YouTube. Prokopenko and Vilppu are awesome instructors that break things down into easy step by step instructions.

If you can, try to integrate a bit of figure drawing into your daily drawing routine.

I hope I've convinced you to give figure drawing a try. If not, what's still holding you back?

As always I'd love to hear what you thought of this article. And don't ever forget the community is here to support you.

More resources

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We're doing a little art challenge as a community this week to get them pencils movin'
Aug 20 - Sept 2nd
UPDATE: We've extended the sketch dailies challenge to Sept 2nd, 2018

How to participate

  • view the topic for the day. If there's no topic posted or you don't like the topic, do whatever topic you want. Might I suggest smaugust?
  • create a sketch on the topic
  • post it to paperdemon site with the "sketch dailies" tag or the discord #shares channel

You got this! You can do it! The more we draw, the better we get. I look forward to seeing what y'all come up with!

Participants will gain 30 XP for every daily drawing (limit 1 per day).


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Topic: Not loading?

Oh that's strange. I haven't noticed that on my version of chrome and Windows. Don't worry will try to get this fixed

As a short-term solution, you can try a different browser. If that doesn't work you can try disabling JavaScript

Are you one of the many people who have decided you want to earn a full-time living from your creative abilities - writing, drawing, photos, videos - instead of working your 9-to-5?

Below is a guest post from the wonderful Case Lane who helps entrepreneurs and writers. I met her at a recent conference and she was gracious enough to write this post to help our community! Please enjoy and thank you Case! - BogusRed

For the thousands of people who have decided to ignite their side hustle dreams and start a business, the initial work - creating your product or service - brings peace and joy. But at some point, you realize you have to be able to distribute your content into the global marketplace and pay the bills. In the absence of your own version of Medici family-style sponsorship, how do you manage the business side of your business while staying true to your creative spirit?

Creatives aren't suits

In Hollywood, there is a clear line drawn between the 'suits' and the 'creatives.' The suits are the people who run the studio business like finances, operations and technology departments. The creatives are the writers, directors and actors who bring stories to life. Many suits in the industry want to be creatives. But, in my experience, no creatives want to be suits.

In the transforming global market, many of those people who thought they would be confined to 'suits' forever, are now finding online tools and endless information resources that make it possible for their once hidden creative talents to emerge.

People can spend their time creating, and market and distribute their work all over the world. Latent creatives are starting their own businesses based on their hobbies and passions like watercolors, writing or growing succulents. However, as these opportunities become more successful, people who did not want to be 'suits,' find themselves having to do the business side of their business and are finding no joy in the activities.

Many creatives, myself included, just want to do our work, which is creating. I begin each day writing 5,000 words, but I would do more if I did not have to stop and take the time to manage my business.

The business side

If you are creating, producing and distributing content that you hope will support you, you will have many tasks associated with your work. For example, if you run an online business, you have to

  • check e-mail
  • manage your e-mail lists
  • manage social media
  • check your advertising returns
  • cover your expenses
  • review your spending on distribution and marketing your product or service.

You may have to do the work every day, or every week, but when you're starting out, all decisions go through you.

As you formalize the business, you have to worry about registration, incorporation, trademarks and policies.

And as the business grows, you need to think about teams, benefits, physical and automated operations, and growth strategies.

All this when all you want to do is create.

So how can you manage these rising demands, while staying true to you and your initial dream? Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Prepare to Run a Business

The word "preparation" means the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration. When you begin thinking about transforming your work into a business, think about "making yourself ready" to be the CEO of your own corporation.

Mental preparation

Making yourself ready is first about your confidence and belief in yourself. You can be prepared to launch your business and make it successful if you first convince yourself it's possible. Focus on you in your preparation. You may have many people around your life who are trying to convince you that starting a business is not a good idea. You do not need to listen to their comments, you only need to focus on your own vision.

Own your attitude towards business success by preparing yourself to be a CEO. What do CEOs do? They read - about the business, industry and the market they will be participating in. Even if you think you have no time to get into the details of a business, start by taking the time to read and learn more about the world you think you want to live in. Before you know it, you may just find yourself spending time on actually launching the business.

Physical preparation

Finding reliable tools will encourage you to work on your business every day. Whether your perfect tool is a good notebook or a reliable pen or the notes app on your phone, you need the right items near you at all times to get started and to avoid excuses around why you did not get the work done.

Taking the first step to obtain the basic tools you need will put you in a business planning and launch frame of mind. If you designate the tools, and an area to work in for your business, you can spend time in that corner working on the business side of your activities, separate from your creative work.

Focus on your Strengths

Are there any traditional business activities that you like or may be good at? For example, if you like numbers you may be able to do your own accounting and finance. If you are detailed oriented, you may enjoy mapping your processes.

Understand the skills that you have that may be useful for completing traditional business activities. Knowing the part of the work that you want to do may help you stay focused and interested in specific business tasks, and you will not have to spend money hiring someone else to do this work for you.

Keep it Simple

If you believe you need a fancy flashy website with moving pictures, spectacular graphics and all the dynamic latest themes, take a look at what James Clear has done. He literally goes to straightforward black and white text, and interested readers follow him there. Or have a look at Berkshire Hathaway's site. One of the most successful companies in the world keeps it simple with links and charts, no flashy pictures, and hardly any color.

Why does simple work?

Because the content is so strong. If you create content that people want to read, they will find it. Although, you might occasionally hear people say how 'cool' someone's website is, they won't mention it again if there was no valuable content to read on the site.

Simple does not only apply to websites. You can manage your graphics yourself if you stay with familiar fonts and standard colors. Keep your finances in one place and use clear labels for filing. Download project management software to keep track of tasks or research. In all instances, do not try and do too much or learn complicated new programs. When you're tempted to get the latest gadget, all you really need to do is remember you want to keep it simple.


As a creative person, you may decide there is absolutely no way you want to do any of the business-like tasks related to your passion. In that case, you can outsource.

Virtual Assistants

You can hire a virtual assistant to do the tasks you do not want to do. Virtual assistants are people who work from anywhere to provide online assistance such as managing a website, sorting through e-mails or even copywriting and contacting people on your behalf. You will have to do research into the VAs skills and negotiate costs, time and expectations. But that initial process will save you hours in the long run.


For specific tasks like building a website or setting up your bookkeeping, you can hire a one-time contractor who can complete the work for a set price. When hiring, you have to be careful with your specifications to make sure the work is done to your preference. By the way, you can have a VA do the research on hiring freelancers for other work the VA cannot do.


Hiring or co-opting friends, family, or neighbors to help you get the work done is sometimes the most viable, and inexpensive option. Volunteers can be invaluable resources when you are starting out, especially if they are professionals in a business field such as graphic design.

If you decide to go with volunteers, make sure these assistants fully understand the work you want done and are prepared to follow-through to the end. You may have a hard time holding a volunteer to a deadline, but you will have to if you want to have your business running in a professional manner.

Setting up and running your own business based on your passion or hobby is one of the most rewarding activities you can do for yourself. If you are a creative, who does not like the business side of business, do not let that fear stop you from going ahead and getting started. Select an alternative option that suits your personality and work preferences so that you can concentrate on what you do best - your creative pursuits.

About Case Lane

Case Lane is the founder of Ready Entrepreneur, a business focused on helping wantrepreneurs become entrepreneurs in a high-tech, global economy.

For more than a decade, Case had a front-row-seat in Hollywood to the transformation from physical to digital media in the entertainment industry. During this time, she helped train a diverse group of current and future media employees who had to learn to directly cope with the impact of technology on their jobs. Realizing a higher percentage of people will have to become economically self-sufficient in the coming decades, Case focused her business on helping people obtain the information they need to start a business and fulfill their lifestyle dreams.

Educated in communications, political science, business, law and economics, Case has lived, studied or worked in eleven different countries as a reporter, diplomat, digital media corporate executive, lawyer, writer and entrepreneur. As a writer, Case has published Life Dream: 7 Universal Steps to Get the Life You Want through Entrepreneurship, and Bloom! Defeat Negativity, Overcome Bad Advice, Love Yourself, and (finally) Become the Happy Person You Want to Be.. She also writes future tech, political and romance thrillers.

To learn more about Ready Entrepreneur, please visit where you will find unique articles and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs, and you can sign-up for Case's e-mail list to get tips, strategies and other information.

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Topic: Not loading?

Hi Yuri,
there's currently a bug on the site with some browsers. So just try a different browser and you should be able to view the artwork.
To edit your artwork go to submit at the top, then manage under artwork. That will take you to page we can do a lot of editing.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll try to get editing controls on the view art page as well.
What browser are you using and what operating system?