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🎬 Bogusred is LIVE on video livestream! Get to know BogusRed and where PaperDemon is going next 🎬

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Hey PaperDemon members!  Paper Demon

I just did a live video session on our Facebook page talking a bit about the PaperDemon community and where I see it going in the future. I also talked a little bit about myself and part of why PaperDemon is so special to me.

I think I was too nervous and boring. Maybe next time I'll drink a shot of Jack Daniels before I go on air to loosen me up. I am really much more entertaining in person, I swear! Also don't mind my messy office, haha.

But anyway, check it out. Let me know what you'd like to hear about next time.


Live video

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How are you going about improving with cell-shading and drawing liquids and rocks? Are you using any resources in particular?

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What aspect of your art are you trying to get better at?

I'm working on my figure drawing right now. My knowledge of anatomy is sub par. Also I need more work on realistic faces.

How about you?

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Here are some quick tips for providing useful critiques to your fellow artists:

  • Be honest but respectful
    • Avoid being judgemental or saying something that would trigger an emotional response. Be factual
  • Keep it short
    • Don't overwhelm the artist with a laundry list of nit picky things to fix.
    • If there are lots of areas to be improved, try focusing on one overall thing to work on.
  • Ideas for things to assess
    • Proportion
    • Anatomy
    • Color
    • Composition
    • Perspective
  • Say something positive!
    • It's easy to get discouraged after hearing something negative. And knowing what we're doing right is almost as useful as knowing what we could do better.
    • You could, for example, say how the work reminded you of an experience or had an emotional impact on you.

Did you think of something else that wasn't listed? Please let me know so I can update this guide.


Additional resources:

Hello creative peeps.

BogusRed here with another newsletter of helpful tips and info to feed your creative minds. How did your August go? Were you creative and productive?


Tips, Tricks, Tutorials 

How eating pancakes made me a more productive artist - a blog article inspired by my friends struggling to be productive with their writing.

Did you catch the DuckTales reboot? Here's what I thought of it. What did you think?

Are you suffering from writers block or creative block? Fast company has a great listacle with ideas to help you move past creative block.

Community news

Motivation challenge

Getting started can be the hardest part. We are plagued by negative emotions, fears, and doubts. We constantly compare ourselves to others. "She's such a good artist. I'll never be that good." These are all negative feelings that prevent us from making progress in our lives and stop us from doing the things we really want to do with our lives. I challenge you to try 10 minutes of meditation every morning for one week in the month of September. Here's a 15 minute motivational meditation to help you relax and build positive thoughts. After your week, let us know how it went. Did you notice a difference? Did you get more creative work done?

Sadly that's the end of this month's newsletter. It was good for me. Was it good for you?

Do you have ideas for our next newsletter? Maybe some useful tips, tutorials, resources, or topics of discussion? Let us know by clicking Post a reply below.

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The bug is now squashed. Thank you Yako for reporting it! Please give submitting another try and let me know if you still run into issues.

*shakes fist at bugs*

For reporting this bug I'll set you up with a free 1 month premium account. Thanks again!

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Hi Yako. Yes looks like this is a bug. I was able to reproduce the issue. I'll take a look and get this fixed today. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll post here again when it's fixed.

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Previously when submitting art you could choose from 5 different comment levels and the option was hidden in "additional info".

Since our new focus for PaperDemon is about self improvement, requesting a critique is an important part of improving. So I've revised this option to be a simple checkbox (rather than choosing from 5 options) and it's no longer buried under the "additional info" button. If you check the box, you're art will say you've requested a critique. Soon I'll make the artwork requesting critique at the top of the art page.

Let me know if you have any questions about this change.



After releasing this change, it turned out it had a bug preventing members from submitting new art submissions. The bug is now squashed. Please report any bugs that you may come across and I'll get those fixed.

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Awesome animatic done of Daenerys and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones


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Do you struggle to be productive as an artist? I do.

The problem

I am good at starting projects, but not so good at finishing them. I often have crazy ideas for things and collaborate with friends to come up with characters, scripts, voices, website concepts, etc. I have a large animation project called Dragon Mall Quest that I've been trying to finish for years.

My friends also have their own creative projects that they've struggled to get completed, too. We all have our excuses. "I have to do laundry." "I'm too busy with work." "I'm too tired." "I have responsibilities!" "I was up late and I'm too hungover" "I'm too busy adulting." Our list of excuses could fill a book.

The solution?


I LOVE breakfast. Sadly, my husband isn't that into breakfast, probably because he doesn't like eggs (yeah he's super weird). He takes me out for breakfast about as often as a solar eclipse happens. But luckily for me, my creative friends love breakfast. So how does breakfast help me be productive as an artist? Oh I'm so glad you asked!

How it works

It's quite simple. My friends and I schedule a get together on Sundays dubbed "Creative Times." We start our Creative Times around 10 am and either make a big breakfast ourselves or go out to a restaurant for breakfast. Sometimes we make homemade crepes, or potatoes, or pancakes. And bacon is almost always involved. Mmmm… bacon. Oh! Maybe we should try makin bacon pancakes!

After breakfast, we all sit together and get to work. We each bring our own creative project with us and start working. We take breaks and share what we're working on or discuss a problem we're trying to solve. We then wrap up around 4pm and go on with our day.

Why is it effective?

I find this "Creative Times" strategy very effective because:

  • We have dedicated time carved in our schedules
  • The commitment with each other makes it harder for other responsibilities to get in the way
  • We get quick feedback on our work or get ideas from others to help us solve problems we're working on.
  • Seeing each other working hard, inspires each of us to work hard

I hope you'll give this idea a try and start a "Creative Times" routine with your friends. Just remember this simple formula:

Pancakes + Creative Friends = Productivity

What fun things have you tried to be productive as an artist? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.