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Thank you <3 it's been hell, tbh. I'm trying everywhere to get help, and I even have a gofundMe set up. But there's just so many things I need to pay still. This next appointment I think I'm setting up an appointment for an epidural shot. Joy. I have to get shots in the spine to be able to walk again and get back to working. XT

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I'm in serious need of funds. XT I had an injury that has kept me out of work since April 27th. I do not have income at the moment. (I made a new topic because I can't delete my old one...and I am on mobile and can't see everything on this screen. Cuz I'm old xD)Price: $35.00 free shipping in the USA I'm offering portrait/busts on 8x11 inch paper. White or brown paper. Brown is limited. I can also do non-character designs.I use Prismacolor softcore pencils and fixative spray. I'm pretty versatile, and can do a little bit of everything. The piece will be sent, free of charge, via usps.I take paypal, and payments are due upon confirmation of commission.I'm on tumblr under CiiMooreArts, instagram as CiiMoore, and Facebook. Examples:art thumb art thumb art thumb

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I made a big update. :3 O.o 
But I still need to add stuff to my account to put thumbs here. XD

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So, I wanted to get rolling on some cheap commissions. Just something to help me gather up a little bit of funds as I am still studying and now tutoring. It's volunteer work right now, but I asked to get into some sessions and do some paperwork to become an official tutor. Until then, I am sort of winging it, and really could use the extra funds. Sketches get cranked out in a day or two, depending on my schedule, though I am open to larger scale commissions. The larger the commission, the more time+money. 

All creatures are welcome! I don't mind, honest. These are colored sketches done up in photoshop, full or half body. As long as you tell me what you want, I will do my best to deliver!
I am also RooksNest on Deviantart.
Colored Sketches- Ongoing, will not expire or be canceled. (unless sick)
Colored Sketches, $5 a pop! Full or half body. Send me a Message!!

art thumbart thumbart thumbart thumb

Other Commissions-subject to change, one-on-one basis
Waist up Vectors start @ $20 
Waist up Digital paintings start @ $25
Heads/portraits Vector start @ $10
Heads/Portraits Digital start @ 15
If you want something more, feel free to contact me and we can discuss pricing.

art thumbart thumb

More of my work can be viewed @

Message me for commissions. Paypal only. 

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Is this still open? Do you still need people? I mostly use illustrator, but I can work with photoshop. The backgrounds I can do in either adobe illustrator or adobe photoshop. I am currently using the Adobe CS5.5 suites. 

I'll go ahead an shoot you an email though. Wink

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Updated prices~! Big Smile  

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Bravo Sekah! That was truly an informative and enlightening post! I couldn't have put that all together myself. Actually, I couldn't have put that together at all. However, I DO know what you are talking about and I DO understand each point you have made.  I also stand behind those facts, because they are indeed facts. 

Society is a funny's sad how a majority of people can bend and manipulate the thoughts and lifestyles of so many.  It's mainly just fear of the unknown that drives people to follow. Fear, uncertainty, and the way one has been brought up.

It's amazing (in a bad way) how people can react to something/someone that is different. Everyone is a little different, and we all do different things. Sexuality shouldn't really be an issue. I was always raised (by old school Italians) That a person should not be judged by their looks, but rather they're actions. 

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On Feb 14, 2012 11:30 am, calypsoidal1 said:

 We are biologically driven to reproduce.  It is the primary purpose of our existence on this planet.  Not doing it will, inevitably, leave a person feeling confused.


As much as I understand where you are coming from with this statement...I still disagree. I don't care for bearing children, It doesn't bother me if I don't have a partner, and I am certainly not confused about it. 

Infact...nowadays it is acceptable to be single, it's okay to not want offspring, and there are a lot of single activities, books and paraphenelia about "single-dom". 
Like any thing else, you just have to look for it.

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I like Ai over Ps as well. I just recently got the hang of it, through college. I really like the program a lot. :3 It is my current fave. I still use PS for other things, like correcting images and doing manipulations...which I should get back too...but lol I haven't thought of anything to manipulate. XP Too busy with Ai.

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If it isn't too much of a hassle, I'd like to see Adobe Illustrator in the list. :I Though, I may be one out of a million people that actually use a vector based program for my art. It's very seldom I come across other artists' using it. 

But, I would like that to be considered for inclusion in "The List". lol