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To be honest, I have don't any complaints about this website but the only complaints that I have is uploading my avatar because I need my avatar to be exactly like "Parameters: Width: between 40 and 75 pixels Height: between 40 and 75 pixels". So, I made my own avatar instead. When I upload my avatar then its take two days for my avatar to be updated. Well, the whole avatar thing is not my problem anymore.

Now, I don't have any complaints about this website anymore. I actually enjoy Paperdemon more than DeviantArt.  



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On Dec 26, 2015, BloodlustSerenade said:

I really love that the rules for submission are quite clear (none of the fuzzy DA haze or confusion over why some things are removed and others not) and I also love that there aren't such strict limitations on what we can upload. (I can't upload to Elfwood because my fantasy drawings aren't fantasy enough O_o).

I used to have Elfwood account but I deleted my Elfwood account couple days ago because someone complaining about my artworks and said I'm not "professional" enough to join Elfwood and want me to go back to DeviantArt. I said BS for that. One, I signed up to many art websites and secondly, I will NEVER go back to DeviantArt!

Also, I remembered that other artists who have artworks that doesn't even look "professional" from Elfwood. By the way, not only just the Elfwood have picky member(s) but  Elfwood itself is terrible because I can't change my profile picture anymore and I can't upload any more artworks due to 20 minutes of loading. So, I give up on Elfwood and deleted my Elfwood account. 

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I'm planning to make romantic artworks in the future but I'm thinking of remaking tumblr blog with different name. 

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I'd notice that you signed up for this website. Actually, I signed up for this website since last year because I am looking for a place that has no drama and admins take their job seriously unlike DeviantArt. Actually, I barely use this site because I'm more active in Fanart-Central, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook but I only used this site for submit my artworks.