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three words...

I. Love. It.

Period Big Smile Heart

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Topic: I'm KaT ^_^

yeah thanks for the replies all... 3 of you lol...

^_^ i intend to have a great stay Grin

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Topic: I'm KaT ^_^

Hey everyone.  My name is Kathleen, but call me KaT ^_^.  I'm a newbie here, thanks to my two wonderful friends, and they said... come introduce yourself here... so here i am...

i hope to get lots of critique on my art, and the few writings i have... i KNOW need some work lol. 

But so everyone knows... my works are limited to very few orginals by myself.. a lot of my works are recreations... i dont do it for nothing though... recreating over and over has helped me to better myself with forms, proportions and such... so ive mastered all that.. now im just trying to find myself as an artist... please take a look at my site, and i hope i make many great friends here ^_^


KaT ^_^