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A chance to illustrate an original Sci-Fi or Fantasy story. Bring to visual life a world that's never been done before in our Big Bang Challenge. Earn 60XP for every submission.

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I agree tumbler size is overdoing it a little. To be honest I like my thumbnails for my art the way they are I would just like more editing options where arranging thumbnails and the look of my gallery is concerned.

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Is that was was causing all teh crashes a few days ago (the spam that is)

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On Sep 15, 2011 2:51 am, Zyephen said:

I like it as red curtain, personally. The only thing that bothers me is when I click on something in red curtain- usually when I'm uploading things and I want to check to see they posted ok, and it's like--YOU CAN'T VIEW THIS IN PAPER DEMON! GO TO RED CURTAIN GRRR-- that's bout it.

I feel youre pain there... and i agree red curtian is fine for me you privide warnings and whatnot; only thing i woudl natrualy eb concerned over is my domain name Turns out a cuberbullying pbwiki was left up tp spyte multiple reports and even soem presure form the properl athority. this place had given me static before and encouraged at least two known hacking of my DA account that were repoted but never acted opon properly.

Please dont turn this place into another devaintart.

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you arent missing anythign important just the everyday jack@$$ who cant be happy or srettle with their own sexuality so they feel the need to say such terrible things. this ciincludes but is not limited to confused biblethumpers, the best you can do is ignore them tor roll youre eyes at them.

FYI most of these are hte same peopel that say a hermph/Tranny is GEY because they are the same sex as their lover (regardless) they atre hte people you can ignore and if they get too personal you can alwase file a restraingin order aginst them.

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Why does that not suprise me; I should change my e-mail too while I'm at it. seriously this is like what the third time Private information on Deviantart got leaked?

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Topic: Comment spam

On Aug 27, 2010 9:03 am, BogusRed said:

Well I don't think there's need to worry about member safety from spammers in our comment system. All text inputed is cleaned properly to prevent hacking. But if a user copy+pastes a URL left by a scammer into their browser and it leads to installation of viruses or spyware, there's nothing I can really do to protect users from that. They'll need to install a browser that blacklists such dangerous domains such as Chrome or Firefox. The latest version of IE might even have that now.


this birngs up wher the two instances differ, the best anyone in a position of athtority can do it take what precautions they can and remind members to take the oens thy can, sometimes it is as simple as haveing a popup blocker program or as difficult as keeping up Antivirus subscriptions. The later being more about money than any other difficulty Im sure every artist here can find soem way to make ends meet; I recently got a caffe press account, but I havent made any custom designs yet because I have been a little under the weather.

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On Aug 24, 2010 9:30 am, BogusRed said:

On Aug 23, 2010 9:18 am, ladyHisoka said:

My dad once told me that big corperatuions liek that could care less, and latelty with the admins randomly baning peopel with no good reasons im inclined to belive that it would take nothging short of a class action suite to slap them back in order.

Why would there be any chance of a lawsuit? The site is free. There are no monetary damages. It's private property. They have the right to ban whoever they want, just like every other website does. They have the right to ban you even if you followed their policies to the T.


it has more to do with their prints and their deceptive advertiseing than anything else, its also why im going ot have a Caffepress account instead of suckign up to the loserbergade tehre elsewise referd to as staff.

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Out of all teh accepted text formats one has alwase been a personal favorite of mine for its versitility and the fact that it is one of the smallest davavle text files with alot of character and alot of style. Ritch Text Format or .rtf is a text format that allows farious text styles like....

Comic Sans MS


Times New Roiman


And a whole string of other text formats that range form the simplest computer text liek Courier New to a completly out there ancient text (Sometimes used in the comic world for magic rimes) called Symbol.

Not only is it exceptionaly versitile but I noticed that its also a widely used format,, a Free to download writeing program comparible to Microsoft Office that happens to be more user frendly will save and read .rtf files. for you who have Microsoft Office it also saves in .doc and .docx formats as well as abel to upload in said formats.

This versitile text is also a simple way to write novels on thumbdrives I remember the challenge recently preposed to me. It was to see how many fanfictions one could Glam up and stick on a small 8gb thumbdrive. the challenge was they had to be COMPLETE Fanfictions and could not be oneshots. In the end I had won with a wide collection of some of the best looking Shouen-ai fanfictions form really old series like Cardcaptor Sakura, Ronin Samuri Troopers and even a Pokemon or two. I had saved every single fic in a .rtf format.

I remember asking Boagus about the .rtf file thou I can't really rmember whaere that conversation was left off; I wonder to this day why people claim to shy form using .rtf when it's a very simple file type and they continualy prove themselfs a lier by displaying .rtf in their HTML's. So I was wondering what you people thought of it and would it be used if it was an option for uploading text documents?

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On Aug 16, 2010 3:40 pm, HurricaneIslandheart said:

Thanks so much for this! I just came back today, because I'm thinking of being done with dA, except to advertise my work on other sites. Their current attitude toward adult fan art is more annoying than I'm willing to put up with, and I've put up with a lot out of that site over the years. :/ I think I shall be making much more use of my galleries here now, especially since I can now link it to friends who don't have accounts but still want to comment.

My dad once told me that big corperatuions liek that could care less, and latelty with the admins randomly baning peopel with no good reasons im inclined to belive that it would take nothging short of a class action suite to slap them back in order. sadly deviantart's policys dont seem to apply to their admins and since when was not ageing fictional characters unacceptabel art? I doubt the charcter in question will be 15 or 17 yr old vergin for the rest of eturnity if they existed why not let people write a post series story where its hte authors view of hte character as they age?

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Topic: Comment spam

No matter what you do they willl get thrugh. Sadly, with a random word generator there is only so many words it can generate before it loops. that is how soem spambpots work; makeing the generator's loop and an image indentifycation program to read the word as a human would.

My time in the mmo GM world has shown me there is little ammo aginst the spambots, bots in general are apealing to use because of this and because they are a 24/7 no money needed. its a shame that the bot is a advancement that is ahead of the abilty to block or protect the members.

And with them I would also be concenred about member safty, most bot users in the MMO world were scammers. and if they did dilever it was almost more offten than not hacked using GM commands that should not be avalible to members. Sometimes it was  pulled drectly form someoens stash or even and this is where it got mean form someones Auction House income. in the ned thou the fact they have no moral or since of the aformentioned would be enough for me to keep an eye out for it and remind memebers myself that they are not to be trusted.