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On Jan 30, 2012 1:53 pm, arkillian said:

I think the deadline is the 14th so you should be fine Smile  


Actually, I was wondering if we wanted to extend this a month and fight to get more writing in it. Would anyone be keen to submit writing given an extra moth of deadline?


That'd be the 14th of Feb, correct? Just making sure. I'd been on this soon had I'd known. But would really like to try and draw something if possible.



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Ooh, congrats on the upcoming nuptials!  Have no idea how to plan one of those either. Thinking on it, its actually mind boggling to me. Unless it was a very small affair I couldn't do it. Me tho?  the to do afterwards is always fun. And I was talking bout the reception, hehe. Tongue

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Thanks.. and I will. Wink

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A veteran? Really?

Kewl! Lol... Status in only a month, lmao. Now, if I can only figure out how to move a piece from the red curtain to the other side without deleteing it.... Tongue

Yea, am not only lost, but lame too. Big Smile

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Topic: Hio!

Hi Kira, I see ya made it as well... and Oi there Adre-es! I dunno who you are, but hope to see some good stuff from ya Wink   *waves to all*

Am beginning to think there's a trail of goodies leading from dA to here, lol.

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On Sep 18, 2007 3:44 pm, Keenarnor said:

Laughing she has? Well...hi anyway Grin



Oi there... *waves*

Well, I been here bout a month now, and couldn't remember if I had or not. So Ive been feelin my way round some. But they say the first to go is memory... I don't even wanna know what the next thing to go is suppose to be, lol. Wink

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On Sep 18, 2007 2:30 pm, arkillian said:

O.O! You've been around ages hon, and you introduce yourself now? Laughing Silllllly.... Wink

Well, welcome to PD. It must be good if you got distracted for this long befor introducing yourself XD


Didnt I say I get lost easy... Big Smile

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Well, I wasn't sure ifin I said 'Oi' before or not, but guess its never to late.

Oi there *waves...*   Wink

I like to draw, but am no way a pro at it: more mediocre than anything. Tongue

Been here a bit over a month now and must say, this place is awesome. And yea, am a refugee from DA as well. 

 Ifin I couldn't find something here, a mod always directed me in the right direction. Which was a good thing, cuz I get lost alot, lol.

But if this keeps up, not many gonna be left over at DA. Hm.. don't think there's a down side to that tho. Big Smile   They're bringing crap on to themselves.


... and can anyone direct me to any good tutorials on Open Canvas 4.03 Plus? Id surely appreciate it. Wink

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Topic: Collab pieces

Kewl, thank you!




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Topic: Collab pieces

OK, I know there has to be an answer on in here somewheres, I just cant seem to find it! Lol.

Is it OK to post a Collab piece? I mean, like someone else draws it and you do the coloring?I have some that are like that, and have the original artists permission to post. Ive posted a few on DA as such. DA sucks so much tho.

Well, I just wanted to know.