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Wow, I can just tell I'm stepping into a messy tangle of ideals, prejudices, and emotional trauma in the making.

But I'll have a go anyway.

Just keep in mind this is my own personal opinion, and you can disregard it if you like, and if you can gain something helpful from it, well that gives me happy fuzzies.

Here's what I think:

I think that having a kid is one of the gutsiest, dangerous, and terrifying things to do. Forget people being biased against gays, lesbians, athiests, whatever — people are biased against kids. Kids have no rights in our society, they are completely dependant on their parents, and their parents, in turn, are put under pressure to conform to an ideal image which is not always the best for kids. The public school system is deeply flawed, and from what I've seen can inflict just as much mental damage on people as bad parents.

So it doens't matter what I think of same-sex parents, or whether a boy needs a strong male role-model, or whatever. What does matter is that I truly believe the best thing for a kid is to be loved and supported unconditionally by their parents (whoever they may be) and their families.

Don't think of the parents: think of the kid. When someone is having a kid is not the time to start pointing fingers and saying "you're doing it wrong." Whether it is right or wrong does not matter, all that matters is that it is happening, NOW, and it is time for everyone to come together and work as a team to create a loving, caring, supportive environment.

It's a big, scary world out there, and we can only face it, we can only over come it, if we have a safe foothold at home where we can return, where we can be safe, and where we can be loved.

No matter who it is who is doing the loving.


And as a side note: on the subject of men growing up to act like woman: I personally don't think it is a big deal. Acting like a woman... acting like a man... are only superficial characteristics that have no effect on the more important attributes of character like compassion, sympathy, understanding, and integrity.

But if you really want the kid to have a male role model, I know there are agencies that try to introduce adult role models for children with single-parents: so I'm sure it could work out for a child with same-sex parents.

But, like I said: that is what I think. What you think is, of course, entirely up to you.

Good luck.

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On Aug 29, 2007 1:47 pm, kirayasha said:

I know a story is bad when all the characters have "orbs" instead of eyes. And said orbs are made of vaious substances ranging from chocolate to gold to saphire. can someone expalin to me hwo one can see out of thsoe things?


Oh. My. God.

Now I remember why I love you. *mass glomp*

Another bad sign is when the lead male has "tresses" and smells of things like peaches and cinnamon... after they have been working out in the gym for four hours. O.o;;

Also, when the author is not satisfied with merely calling them by name, but must describe them in such ambiguous, roundabout fashions as "the darker haired boy" or "the pink-haired kunoichi" or "the taller swordsman" when Ishida, Sakura, or Sephiroth (respectively) will do JUST FINE!

But my no. one sign of a bad story (or at least bad writing): when people must laid down their books/coffee mugs/etc. instead of lay/laying down their books/coffee mugs/etc.

Damn it. Drives me NUTS.