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New Years Art RPG Cross Over Challenge. Earn 50-100 XP, 7AP, 50 gold for participating. Now through Mar 10

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I'm surprised no one has put these two up yet. They're, like...huge...aren't they? xD



The only webcomic I've ever seen finished. (Now, I read almost nothing in the way of webcomics, so it doesn't say a lot, but still.) A fantasy/adventure/drama sort of story about a young da'kor who falls in love with an elf girl and goes to look for her long-lost friend/love, who was kidnapped by a dark mage when they were little kids. Beautiful drawings with a very distinctive style, very well-played-out story.


Phoenix Requiem

A new webcomic by the same artist. It hasn't actually started yet and I'm not actually sure what it's about, xD, but the previews I've seen so far have me interested.

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On Sep 14, 2007 7:00 am, Sliverbane said:

You know a story is good when you 'talk to the book'

This is me my room alone with my book:  "He's gonna do it!?'  "Stupid, don't talk to her she's got the poison" "Oh, hurry up and save them!"

That's happened to me a couple times.


-shiftyeyes- No, I've never heard of that happening...xD Lol, I'm terrible for doing that.


You know a story's good when you're reading, and suddenly it's midnight and you're thinking, 'Shoot, I need to get up at 5:30.' :p

Yeah, like pretty much everyone else said...the pacing and character development is what really draws me through. In a lot of ways 'good' or 'bad' writing is pretty subjective, once you get past the basic 'rules' to writing...depends on what someone really focuses on when they're reading, and what makes it, ahm, I don't know -- "effortless" for them to read? Don't know if that makes sense.

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Hmm. For me, probably the best thing is well-developed, (emotionally) realistic characters. I love a character-driven story. Other than that, umm...there's more but my brain's a bit dead at the moment. Might add something else later. xD

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On Sep 6, 2007 2:25 pm, Lhunuial said:

What I mean with too many characters is putting too many characters in there that don't add anything to the story and people don't remember their names. I didn't introduce them very well either. I makes histories and names for all my characters, that's not it. But they take the attention away from the main storyline and that is not something you want in a story, right? The problem was they weren't memorable. They were important to me ofcourse and I knew them all, but I let some of my friends read the story and they got confused with all the characters. That is something I want to prevent these days. It has to be clear who is who and what role they play in the story.

How about things being corny? How do you guys feel about that?

Ah, yeah, I see what you're saying there.

Corny...hrm, depends on the situation. If the author knows full well it's corny and is making a joke out of it, yanno, sure. If it's not too bad and the rest of the story's all right, I'm okay with it. It's when I see it constantly, bad enough to make me wince, that I go and hide in a corner. xD (Same goes for cheesy, etc. - I wasn't too clear before.)


On Sep 6, 2007 3:36 pm, arkillian said:

It can be tricky to think in character sometimes ^^;

Yah. Can't tell you the number of characters I've dropped or set aside just because I couldn't get into their heads...Ren needs to develop her charas more before she writes with them Dx

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Hrm, I was reading through this and I'm afraid I haven't got much to add, personally. But I do have to ask --

Lhunuial, what do you mean exactly by "too many characters"? Lol, I've always had the same problem and usually end up with about five main characters, but if they're introduced well and have their own distinct quirks/purpose to the story I don't see the problem of it. If they're memorable enough, you know? -shrug-

Anywho...hrmm. Personal peeves --

-The "shopping list description" someone mentioned earlier. "So they went and did this and when they came back (short conversation) and they went and did something else." I feel bad because it's more a stage than anything else, but I really can't stand it. >-<

-EXTRA description. Just because the character spent three days walking doesn't mean you need three pages describing every tree he walked by! (Well, unless there's something you need to focus on, obviously...) Give enough description for a good feel of what you're talking about - a paragraph or two on where he passed through and what he did - and move on, or you'll lose me. Give it as many words as it deserves emphasis, you know?

-Hrm...not coming up with anything. Cliches that make me wince, maybe. Cheesy endings. Utterly unrealistic stuff with no backstory behind them - I mean, obviously dragons are fine in fantasy, but does it really make sense for your chara to be riding The Only Dragon On Earth That Roars Loudly Wherever He Goes But No One Ever Sees Him Anyway if he's just an ordinary teenage kid?

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Topic: -pokes in-

Thanks peoples =3

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Personally, I'm very, very strongly against there being anything "wrong" about same-sex pairings. You are who you are, you know? You can't change that, and for something like this social pressure is the only reason to try. If you feel you're doing right, if you're not doing it with the intention of hurting can't really be bad, can it?

Anyway, specifically...I think it really depends on why your cousin wants to do this, all told. If it's to show faith in her partner or something like that, then I don't know, maybe things need to be worked over; but if she really feels it'll be the best for her son, there's no better way to do it, then, well, maybe you should trust her?

As for the role model My parents split up when I was in...umm, second or third grade...and I started living with my dad a few years later. It's a lot harder to learn "girl stuff" when there's not really a mother figure around more than a few days every couple weeks. Though, like you said, it's hard to tell if it would be the same for a boy. My bro, also -- well, he lives with me, which obviously means he lives with my dad, but he didn't have any male sibs. I know it's a bit different, but...-shrugs- He acts very different now that we've got a stepbrother around, more, well, like a guy. -winces- Not fun when you're the older sister, trust me. xD

So, to be perfectly blunt -- yes, I do think it would affect the son. How, exactly, depends on how his parents treat him and each other, what he is raised and exposed to, and how his personality is. I say your cousin should go for it, if she's sure her partner would be a willing, solid parent and that the pros of happy/responsible parenting will outweigh the cons of how he'll feel/be treated.

But then, what do I know? I'm still a bit of a kid myself. xD

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Topic: -pokes in-

Heyla. I'm Wandersoul -- call me Ren, Wander, Wandersoul, whatever you prefer. I wandered over here via deviantART, got curious,'m here now. So I might do a little exploring, and post a little art, and make some friends.

So...yeah. I'm a big fantasy geek. I do some doodling, which I'm mediocre at, and a lot of writing, which I'm MUCH better at. I wonder if there's any roleplaying around here? Hmn.

And...yuppers. That's about it. Any general advice and welcomes people can give me are much appreciated. ^^;