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Practice your inking skills and develop positive drawing habits for 30 XP per drawing. Inktober. Oct 1 - 31

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Happy birthday, Kristy! It was kinda rainy all day here today, hopefully the sun shone on you today! All the best to you. Bounce Bounce Bounce Have a great year!

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You lucky bloke! Going on a world tour, eh? Well, if you stumble your way into southwestern Ontario, don't be too afraid of my shotgun-wielding father to drop me an email. Wacko Have lots of fun!

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I'd welcome you too, Andy, but I'm far too apathetic. The best you'll get out of me is a "fhneh" noise, similar to a sigh or a snort, but not derisive nor depressed, because I'm too lazy to have any emotion.... No Smile

But, for the sake of keeping up appearances, I'll say that I'm glad you came to Bogusred finally!!!!! Lloyd did ask you what, three months ago? Huh? It's really cool to be able to upload pictures without waiting for tickets or moderators or hell to freeze over. Laughing