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I just wanted to thank you for changing the terms for the males and females. That greatly annoyed me as most of my male characters aren't 'pretty' and even if they were, I'm not an anime/manga artist. More over, it felt like it was excluding older characters too.

I am very happy to see a broader range in categories, I found the original ones to be frustratingly limited and ended up categorizing quite a bit of my art under 'general'. Hopefully in the future I can be a bit more specific.

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As for advice- remember it's YOUR wedding. Don't let the ideas people have about weddings, about what they should be, dictate what yours ends up. Make sure you're comfortable and happy. Like the heels? Screw 'em. Don't wear them because you think you should, wear nice flats or hell flipflops or sneakers if you like. Only make it as big as you're comfortable with (and afford). Play the music you like at your reception, eat the food  you like and make sure to get help from your friends where you can.

And most of all, remember to step away from the stress sometimes and take a deep breath to relax.

Also, congratulations. Wink

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Topic: deviantArt v6

My favorite feature is the  folders option. Being able to sort my devations and my favorites into folders really makes me happy. It's handy and great for when I want to look up features or art tutorials I've faved. Very, very nice extra.

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Speaking of there ANY way you could change the bisheun or whatever those anime terms are for pretty boys and pretty girls to male and female? I mean, what happens if  you draw an ugly man? Or an old woman? There's no categories for that. Being a little broader seems to make more sense to me than limiting it to a Japanese term. Especially if you don't know/don't fall under anime style arts.