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I've contributed to the cause, but don't judge my entry. It's just something cute for the cause, I don't need (or deserve) anything from it. Heart

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Topic: Spam?

I would rather close off comments to Guests who are too lazy to join so getting a review is less likely to begin with. I'll pass on the once in a blue moon comments to avoid the spam bots. But this spam was from a "member" not a guest anyway. The BOTS are making accounts first, then spamming, the bots are getting smart.


@ Arkillian.... the comment wasn't old it was within a day of me posting the comment above on this thread so it was AFTER Susie made changes.

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Topic: Spam?

I only get spam comments on my art, it's depressing to login and have to just delete a bunch of Bot spam comments... here's the latest from today:


mgxnfm commented on Too Sexy for My Shirt......

YPYL9L <a href="">lvmsblvfmbij</a>, [url=]kgsueozaprmr[/url], [link=]ycaugwzasoiw[/link],


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oh goodness hon I am so sorry to hear this, it is very difficult to care for a parent. My parents have moved back in with me so I can be here for my father too. (He's got congenital heart failure) so I can partially understand what you're facing burend wise taking care of a parent and can only empathize with the dementia. I've had family suffer with that too but I was not the one who had to be caregiver and it is not easy. The condition erases who your loved one once was and it is harder on the children/spouses than it is on the one with the disease. (Which I guess is sort of a small blessing all things considered. To them at least they seem normal.) It's such a double edged sword.


You are in my thoughts and I hope they can find some medication that will at least lesson the severity of the episodes since sadly dementia is not cureable.


Hang in there and if you need anything, even just an ear to listen while you purge frustration. Call me. *hugs tight*

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Spell check is your friend... Please to be using it because I am still as clueless as to what is going on as before, you are making no sense and I can't even make out what some of the words you are typing even are. Is English your first language? If not that is probably the reason this is not making ANY sense.

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I saw that post but thought it was only a video post and didn't click on the message because I'd seen the video on YouTube when it was posted. I didn't know Marianne posted our works. Smile   Thanks for the link.

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Yeah, that's mine... where did you get that? I haven't posted it ANYWHERE on the web, nor have I seen it myself on the web.



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First off....



Second... W00t!

Third... I've actually planned two weddings in my lifetime (both my own). It can be done on a budget.

First and Foremost - SET YOUR BUDGET & Set a Date

Know how much you want to spend first.

Decide jointly a type of ceremony you want... religious (domination) or Secular. (My first was Baptist and it was awful, my second was a secular ceremony and it was so much nicer. Short, romantic and meaningful to both of us, you can watch it on YouTube to get an idea what a secular ceremony is.)

These two seconds have the actual ceremony itself so you can hear what our minister wrote for us:


Under 15 minutes of actual "ceremony" no long winded speeches, no religious dogma, just love, respect and honor.


Our friend Dave was our minister (universalist church) and he wrote that ceremony for us. Smile

Second - Contact - Florist, Cake Baker, Reception Hall, Ceremony Hall (If separate), Photographer and Videographer... NOW. These folks can book up solid over a year in advance, find who you like and get on the reserved list stat.


I will be here 24/7 if you need me to help. Call me to vent if you need to, sometimes just talking person to person alleviates stress. It can get stressful but it does not have to be. Smile Just take it one step at a time. One hurdle at a time and it will get done just fine.




Also: It is YOUR wedding.. do whatever makes you BOTH happy. Go Hawaiian in grass skirts and barefoot if you want to, Smile


I wore ballet flats from a bridal shop with my dress, I don't do heels either. Smile


Have FUN, this is your Day and don't let anyone dictate their tastes to you. Take advice with a smile and a grain of salt, but in the end when the decisions need to be made, do what you like most in your heart of hearts.


Hell COSPLAY Vegeta and Bulma even if you want to. Smile


Here's wher I got my Invitations, Reception Favors (Bubbles and Bookmarks) & Wedding Programs ---> CHEAP and they were BEAUTIFUL:

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I'm painting the entry now and I'll post an image of it after the auction on the 23rd. Smile

Failblog, LOLcats, Engrishfunny... I follow all those sites like a rabid fangirl.

Love those sites and I found out today out of nearly 3000 applicatiants they chose only 25 artists for the first show.

OMFG! Now those are some FREAKING BIG ODDS I beat out huh?




So excited. *FWEEEE

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I'm sure everyone is familiar with LOLCats? ( Yes? Well they decided to really go all out and do a massive art exhibition of Real LOLCat Art to be presented at Varnish Fine Art gallery in the heart of downtown San Francisco at 77 Natoma Street at 2nd Street. (Pier 38)

The curator of the Gallery e-mailed me and offered me a place in the show out of thousands of applicants! WHOO HOO! All works at this event will be auctioned and the proceeds of all sales will be donated to an adult illiteracy charity. I"m stoked! I know what I'll be working on as soon as I get back from YAOICON, they have to have my painting by October 17th YIKES. (Too bad there's not enough time, I'd take it with me since I'll be in San Francisco Tomorrow. O_o