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Hawt stuff. Easy pimpage. :3

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Right On, MorbidFairy!

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On Mar 9, 2009 11:13 am, Sliverbane said:

You know you are from Texas when you have no problem saying y'all! A lot!

Ya took the first one that came to my mind! Cause it's true!!

You know you are from Texas when:

Everywhere you go, it all seems too scrunched together and small.

No matter where you go IT'S TOO COLD.

You're wondering why people find cows unique.

You get dumbfonded looks for mentioning Blue Bell.

You're surprised no one else has heard of Blue Bell.

You don't freak out over the taste of Blue Bell. (seriously... a guy I used to hang out with from Cali had Blue Bell ice cream for the first time and he went CRAZY. LYKOMG!BESTICECREAMEVA!!!)

A cowboy hat has become everyday fashion.

You know what everything that is mentioned in the song "Come Back to Texas" is.

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Hey, just to make you feel a little better arkillian, I understood the lolcat and somehow related it to yellow snow. ^^;

Yeah, I remember when word of this device first reached me. I was having a sleepover and my friend ILty brought it up out of the blue. She was actually kindda excited for it cause she's a clean freak and hates public restrooms. Heck, she didn't even like going at our school. 'sides that she said she could easily pee on people or something... she always made some kind of odd joke out of everything.

But in all seriousness, I find it rediculous. I'd find it a hassle take care of, bring around, and then break it out for use. I'd rather hold it and find a restroom.

'sides, I've gone camping a large portion of my life and there's these Japanese toilets that are sometimes the ONLY toilets around. I'm used to squatting it's not bad, and stretches tighs a bit. Good feeling. :3

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Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Sorry I'm a little late, but here's my journal over how my wedding went:

And here's a link to my photobucket if you just want to look at pictures:

(sorry, you'll have to click to the next few pages since the last photos I uploaded were of me turning my cat into a camera whore. I miss her dearly. And then I loli'd out for my mom to shoot pics.)

There's a video in there of my husband freestyling on DDR. ^^;

Even though I didn't get married and that dress, I still wore it afterwards. I don't believe that the color of your wedding dress will reflect your wedding. I don't even believe a dress is needed. My aunt remarried wearing a jean jacket and brown pants.


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Whew, I'm glad the hyphen is allowed. If not, I would of just gone with Rinaran anywayz. :3

Gonna love having this new url. It'll be a lot easier to type out.

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Topic: and here i am

Your gallery sounds lovely to browse. I'll give it a visit at a later time. :3

Welcome to Paper Demon, have a nice stay here.

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Welcome to Paper Demon! And best of luck finding a style of your own that you are satisfied and proud of. :3

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Congratulations to the winners! *had no clue this contest was going on* XD

Oh wow, and I just looked at the contest details. That's genius. Hope to see more contests like that!

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Just something I've asked before. I see it almost all over Y!Gallery. "I'm a age lesbian." And their gallery is filled with yaoi smut. I ran into lesbian couples irl who are completely made for each other, but they love yaoi.

So why do girls who dedicate themselves to love other girls into stories and pictures that feature all men?

And, I would ask the reverse, but I haven't seen a dedicated gay male couple who likes yuri. So I can't ask about that if I don't even know if it exists. (ha ha)