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Topic: Tagging?

Experimental- That is for the PD ARPG, which is a fun way of approaching a long term art challenge. We challenge you to draw your character in different situations, and with different powers etc... and your character will exist in a universe with lots of other characters that people are also drawing that they can interact with. You get points for it, and will be able to buy items for the character Smile

More information can be found on our Art RPG wiki article

The Art RPG is still being developed so there may be bugs along the way. Feel free to report any issues you have with myself, or any of the site moderators, and we'll be happy to help you ^^

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This all sounds good to me. I think if PD could be a more full time project that the premium accounts could work, but the core features of Paperdemon work well without it if it's more of a burden than a benefit  Yes

I'm sorry to hear that, hon. I wish I could suggest something, but I'm not aware of the rights that you have in USA. I hope that you can get justice for your situation soon, but it sounds like you and your mother should get out of there if they're making your life a nightmare! D: I can't imagine that you can be treated this way and not have some sort of leg to stand on legally if they have none and are bullying you. I hope you find a way Sad

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art thumb I forgot to add this one. I have more that I was goign to do, but I ran out of energy so I'll submit them after the challenge ^^ It was good to get some art out of me this month though this challenge! Big Smile

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Topic: Hey, I'm new!

Hey there, Ellie! I hope you enjoy it here, and give me a poke if you have any troubles or questions, and I'll see if I can sort them out for you Big Smile <3

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Also art thumb Smile I have I think 3 more besides these three that I've been requested to do. It's very fun to draw expressions from emotes ^^ 

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I have a few submissions, but I can't see the tick box to add it to this event. Is it live yet? I have more to come, but so far I have:-

art thumb art thumb

I did an emote chart I found on Tumblr Big Smile

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I'd like to do this when my body isn't falling apart at the seams from being too tired. Hopefully this will be soon Big Smile

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Topic: Hi

Welcome back Big Smile Hopefully I may be a familiar face ^^ Did you have a previous account before this one? Or were you a guest back then?

What ever the case, welcome and I hope you enjoy it ^^ 

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Absolutely. I've changed so much in that time. Hopefully for the better. I've certainly learnt a lot of life lessons. :nod: