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Topic: Lineless Art

A doodle of a blue haired girl to relieve the stress of exam week. I ended up making her an experiment with lineless art. I can't say I'm thrilled with the results (I totally didn't try at all with her eye), but I'm not disappointed either. Hair is fun.

I seem inordinately fond of blue haired girls.

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Topic: Reina

C'est moi.

I've finally gotten the hang of this oekaki thing. Although this would have been a LOT nicer if I hadn't deleted my lines when I was just about done. I had to go back and redo them... >< It was a strange experience. This has also helped me figure out how to paint in photoshop, too. Yay for oekaki!

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Pressure sensitivity? We have that with oekaki? How do you turn it on?

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Personally, I see things like mood bars as superfluous... But overall, I like the new design. It feels a lot cleaner for me.

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Topic: 9/11 Cover Up

We watched this video in government this year. And, while it does bring up some very interesting and good points, it is important to take the entire with thing a grain of salt.

--Tips are always sited as ANNONYMOUS. While we had the annonymous Deep Throat who proved reliable, generally speaking, annonymous tips are NOT reliable.
--The magazines they quote and use information from are all very, very far left. Thus there is a bias there.
--If you read the areas around some of the quotes (outside of what is highlighted) you'll find that, on occasion, they've completely taken the quote out of context.

I also remember them making some point, but not having supported it, but I don't remember what it was. Like I said, they do bring up some interesting points, though. Sadly, I can't remember those either and I don't have time to watch the video.

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On Aug 17, 2006 6:45 pm, Nessarose said:
Oh yes, and Takuto Kira and Doctor Wakaouji from Full Moon O Sagashite.

Oh, I had forgotten Wakaouji-sensei... I always found it amusing that he wrote his name with the kanji for "prince" (ouji = prince).

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The entire cast of Meine Leibe. omg, they're so hot. I love bishis with angst. And what makes it even better: It's pointless angst. Hikaru and Akira from Hikaru no Go are gorgeous when they grow up too. I heart them.

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All I've ever heard is that Rumiko Takahashi is continuing the manga, and that the animators are done with the series. Although, it's entirely possible that they'll make a fifth movie to wrap things up once Rumiko Takahashi finishes the story. I hope she does soon. It's getting old. >_>
zomg, I love this idea!! So fresh, so original, so dynamic! *strikes pose* ...yeah, it's late and I'm running on coffee... coffeee.....

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I've dreamed of the perfect wedding since I was three, lol. I've always loved beautiful dresses and the pomp and ceremony involved in weddings.

But Arkillian is right: marriage means stability to a lot of girls. Many girls go to college just to find guys to marry, not because they actually want a college education. This is especially prevelant in Christian colleges. My cousin was telling me about these girls he's met, saying "They're just Christian girls going to a Christian college to find a Christian guy to have a Christian marriage and make Christian babies." And a lot of girls have a similar view point, Christian, agnostic, athiest, Islamic, etc. They want to get married to have a guy who will look after them.